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Pickstarter: Time Machines and a Vengeful Clown

Hey, it’s been a while since we highlighted crowdfunding projects here, but here are a couple that might just pique your nerdy interests. Without further ado:


A couple of filmmakers want to make a documentary about Back to the Future. They’re asking for your help on Indiegogo. Here’s their rundown:

If you love special effects movies, Back To The Future, or the Delorean Time Machine, you’ll love The Time Machinists. It’s a documentary about the Back To The Future film trilogy that’s narrated by Lee Majors (The Six Million Dollar Man). Our award winning team has been shooting this project for over four years. The film has been made with the cooperation of many of the original BTTF filmmakers including: Bob Gale (BTTF Writer/Producer/Co-Creator), Kevin Pike (BTTF Special Effects Supervisor), Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown) and a rare interview with Michael Scheffe (Delorean Time Machine Build Manager and BTTF Concept Artist.) These Hollywood legends share behind-the-scenes stories, never before seen artwork, how the BTTF films were made, and why they think the films are still popular after almost 30 years.

From 2009 to the present, we’ve also explored the world of BTTF super-fans including the leaders of several on-line fan communities. It’s been an ubelievable ride! We’ve been in the storage catacombs of Universal Studios, the sound stages of Warner Brothers Studios, the wilds of Oklahoma and the garages of Texas. We’ve sat inside the original Batmobile, met both the designer of KITT (the talking car from Knight Rider) and the designer of the original Starship Enterprise. We’ve even discovered a man who’s built a car that actually runs on beer and hamburgers! Yes, all of this is directly related to how Back To The Future got made, and how its wake in the space-time continuum has changed the lives of millions of fans worldwide.

Sam Macaroni, video producer (on YouTube and elsewhere) and documentary producer/cinematographer Chapin Wilson are behind this one. They got started on this one when Sam found an old Delorean Time Machine on Universal’s back lot. They need money for post production, since 95% of the movie’s done. If you want to help them bring it home, go here and donate.


What else? How about an evil clown? Fine, here:


Another low-budget movie looking for help on Kickstarter? Okay, that’s true, but this one… well, here’s the synopsis:

Life is good for attorney Robert Cohen; he is at the top of his game and there are rumors of a partnership at the firm where he works. But things take a wrong turn for him one night at a local carnival when he faces his childhood fears by standing up to a loud mouthed clown at a dunking booth. His life will forever change as he soon realizes in this dark and thrilling tale that he PISSED OFF THE WRONG CLOWN.

Yes, you can help Adam Minarovich make the feature film Pissed Off Clown. Wait, is that name familiar? Yeah, he played Carol’s husband Ed in The Walking Dead, and he wrote the recently-released Pawn Shop Chronicles, which included what can only be referred to as an eclectic cast. There are the usual premiums for donations, so if you’re interested, go here.

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  1. michaelalexkawa says:

    ” The Time Machinists ” seems really awesome .

  2. malcolm says:

    There is a BTTF kickstarter project as well:

    A film about the cultural impact of Back to the Future—30 years later—told from the viewpoint of the DeLorean Time Machine.

  3. CXRengel says:

    “Untitled Web Series…” has one week left, and they still have a long way before reaching their goal. This “Doctor Who/Inspector Spacetime” series deserves to be continued to a Season 2.