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Pickstarter: Our Favorite Crowdfunded Projects 9/2

And a resounding hello to you as once again we delve into the crowdfunding world. This week we were impressed by a lost allied soldier, the carded heroes of Metro City, and two new interpretations of the land of Oz.

Pick #1 – America’s Fighting Dinosaur

Move over Dino-Riders, there’s a new T-Rex prepared to occupy the dinosaurs in a war zone part of our collective geek hearts. America’s Fighting Dinosaur is a faux-documentary taking a alternate history stab at World War II with a giant dinosaur joining the Allied Forces’ fight against Nazi Germany. There’s really not a lot that should have to be said here. A T-Rex fighting Nazis; If that doesn’t do it for you, then maybe we should just part ways here.

Pick #2- Heroes of Metro City

Magic: the Gathering is all well and good until you decide you want to put a little story behind it. Heroes of Metro City takes a different approach to role-playing card games and allows you to build a character and bring a narrative to this new world. You create a new superhero to protect Metro City with multiple abilities and powers. The goal of the game is to defeat your archenemy and protect Metro City. Has no one ever just invited their archenemy out for a beer and tried to talk it out over wings?

Pick #3 – Woe is Oz & The Red Queen of Oz

We’ve highlighted alternative takes on Oz and Wonderland before, but this week we came across two updates to the tale of Oz that captured our imagination as they expand the story in new directions. In Woe is Oz, Dorothy and your favorite characters have been reunited years later as Oz tries to rebuild. In The Red Queen of Oz, characters from Oz and Wonderland come together to tell the tale of the Red Queen as she ruins Wonderland and moves on to Oz. Both tales pick up exactly where their predecessors leave off and both give you a unique perspective on where these realms were heading after the adventures we grew up with. Plus, flying monkeys.

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  1. Connie says:

    You should check out projects funding at … I think you would be interested to see a new gaming app called gamethruster ( and a project from Italy called MyzharBot (!

  2. Hey, a couple of Nerdist fans have pledged! Thanks guys! We appreciate the support, especially now that we’re in our last week and are less than 10k away from our goal!

  3. Gobbo says:

    Please hit funding for Heroes of Metrocity! I love super hero stuff and love deck buliders.

  4. Gobbo says:

    Please hit funding for Heroes of Metrocity! I love super hero stuff…

  5. Hi, I’m James Waller, co-developer of Heroes of Metro City, and a huge Nerdist fan! We’re flattered and very excited to appear on your list. Thanks, Brian! If you have any questions about the project or the game, please let me know.

    3Some Games, Inc.

  6. Jeffrey McDonald says:

    Are we allowed to suggest things? If so, may I please humbly suggest a local (Boston) artist’s indie film that he’s trying to produce. Only 11 days left, and it looks like he’s not going to get the funding. Every dollar helps! Thanks!