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Pickstarter: Our Favorite Crowdfunded Projects 5/13

Another week brings another round of fun projects looking for funding. See what I did there? We put the fun in funding. I’ll see myself out.

Pick #1 – Amanda Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra: Album, Art Book and Tour

This project has already blown away its goal of $100,000, and with good reason. $1 or more gets you a digital download of Amanda Palmer’s first new album in four years. She’s put together an amazing ensemble in the Grand Theft Orchestra and this is the easiest way to buy the album so far. There is also an art book, an art show and a limited Neil and Kyle Book that was created for “The Bed Song”. With the album, art books, art shows and tour, thanks to this project you can get inside the head that gets inside the head of Neil Gaiman. BWAAAAAAAAAMMMM!

Pick #2 – The So – Solid State Silent Computer 

The effort to make computing cheaper goes beyond just a less expensive PC. The So is a PC that uses solid state drives and and no moving parts to use less electricity than a regular PC as well as an open source Ubuntu derived operating system to keep software costs down. The computer is designed as  a light, consumer friendly alternative to your media center and is comparable to the Mac mini. Bring it home, name it Jarvis and let the power draining PC tower get recycled.

Pick #3 – Weight Hacking

We’re always on the look out to better ourselves, and admittedly I could stand to lose a few pounds. In addition to The Nerdist Way to help me get my life on track, I’m looking forward to this book from Craig Engler. Craig was exactly where a lot of us are in our battle with weight. His approach of using real stories from other geeks like us is a tactic I think will help a lot of us. With segments from Neil Gaiman (there he is again), geek goddess Bonnie Burton, and Boing Boing editor Cory Doctorow, they’ll remind us we’re not the first person to fight this battle and we won’t be the last. I wish I had seen this before I invested in that Shake Weight.

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  1. Genieve says:

    The premium of premium projects in art/movie crowdfunding is scifi movie Artemis Eternal. They are no middlemen, no corruption so no kickstarter and founded man best practices before kickstarter existed. surprised that nerdist hasn’t written about it yet! They actually have a cause and movement behind what they’re doing and director who is like the ’08 obama of hollywood. – now that I’m writing this it occurs to me that I would love to see her on the podcast

  2. Mark W, Gray says:

    While you;re crowdfunding, take a look at this one:

    What? Not interested in a sexy lesbian cowboy with a fake mustache living as a man in the old West?? #therewillbeboobs

  3. CarrieC says:

    Here some crowdfund project you can also support, but doesn’t involve money. There’s an idea for a product that let your ipad or ipod to connect to the internet without wifi in your own home.

    Ignore the shitty comment, that was from an old idea before it was rehash. The more votes, the better we can help people who don’t have wifi.