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Pickstarter: Our Favorite Crowdfunded Projects 10/21

Greetings and welcome to an all new week of crowdfunding gems. Some may be diamonds in the rough to be sure, but only they can get us to the magic lamp. Or so the life lessons in Disney’s Aladdin taught me. This week we’re including a geek initiation marathon to fund a web series, a video game legend who wants to do something quite memorable, and a boss battle that you design in a new card game.

Pick #1 – Concessionaires Must Die

Working in a movie theater can often feel like arrested development for the young people that get trapped in its clutches. Sure, you get to see as any movies as you want, but you’re often sacrificing a social life to work at the place where everyone goes on Friday and Saturday night to get out. Tight friendships can develop in that type of work environment. But what happens when that environment is in its final days? Concessionaires Must Die is a movie about the lives of a staff at a single screen movie theater when the theater is faced with closing. Produced and directed by April Wade and America Young, CMD is seeking its funding through IndieGoGo and to support it, they are having a telethon for the Geekification of April Wade. Tune in today and you’ll be able to watch as April sees Star Wars for the first time, all in the name of funding her film.

Pick #2 – Gamemaster Howard’s Know-It-All

Do you ever feel like you remember the contra code quicker than Newton’s 3rd Law of Physics? Maybe it has something to do with how you learned it. You obtained the knowledge of the laws of physics from a book, while you learned the Contra code through what really matters, playing a video game. Though we’re not actually trying to imply learning through a video game would be better, it could certainly help, and video game legend Howard Philips wants to make it happen. Our own Emily Gordon sums it up best: “We had Howard Phillips on Indoor Kids recently; he’s the creator of Nintendo Power, the original warehouse manager of Nintendo when it moved to America in the 70s, and an all around legend. He’s like Bill Nye for video games.” Howard is developing a game called Know-It-All that will allow players to retain the knowledge they glean from the game easier than standard studying. The game is attempting to use a more reflexive type of memory retention that will allow players to remember what they learn more instinctively. It’s one step closer to downloadable kung-fu lessons, and we’ll take it.

Pick #3 – Boss Monster: The Dungeon Building Card Game

Say what you will about the villains in our favorite video games, they must be really good to their employees. I mean, the 401k and health benefits afforded to Koopa Troopas must be great; otherwise, why would the put up with having to do a job where they know that 99.9% of the time, their day is going to end with them getting jumped on? These must be the thoughts going on in the minds of the developers of the new card game Boss Monster. When playing, you assume the role of the big bad of a video game and your goal is to build the coolest, yet deadliest, dungeon in history. A word of advice though, don’t put a giant axe right next to the drawbridge you’re guarding. Just a thought.

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