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Pickstarter: Jenny Owen Youngs’ Slack Tide EP Is Perfect Fall Music

Howdy partners! We have only recently passed the autumnal equinox, and that means the time is ripe for aged cider, your dad’s beat up flannel, and good ol’ homegrown, bedroom-crafted, folk-inflected rock.

Enter Jenny Owen Youngs, one of our favorite singer songwriters and a self proclaimed fanatic of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and zombies. The musician, whose songs are the sonic equivalent of smelling burning leaves in the heady autumnal air, is currently running a pledge to help distribute her brand new EP, Slack Tide, which will feature three intimate reinterpretations of older tracks as well as a brand new song, “Over The Bow” AND a cover of “Ring Of Fire”. If that isn’t enticing enough, the musician will also be giving away Skype guitar lessons, illustrated postcards, and many more goodies, depending on your donation.

If you are a fan of Andrew Bird, Regina Spektor, Neko Case, or bands that are poppy in their sensibilities but a wee bit folksy in their execution, then Youngs is the perfect artists to soundtrack the rest of 2015.

For more from Jenny Owen Youngs, be sure to check out her upcoming split 7″ vinyl with Matt Mira on Jonah Ray‘s brand new (WITH OUR POWERS COMBINED!) music-comedy label, Literally Figurative. The release will feature Youngs’ plucking, strumming, and singing on one side, while Mr. Mira’s unique brand of witty irreverence will appear on the the other. Yes, we a re all one big happy family here at Nerdist. And yes, that makes us feel almost as fuzzy as Youngs’ music does.

Do your ears and soul a favor and head to Jenny Owen Youngs’ pledge page to help fund what is sure to be an excellent listening experience as we burrow deep into the fall months.

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  1. Guess is supposed to redirect to the page at the end of the link… click the link and delete everything before the

  2. I had that problem for a while. I assume this pledge drive doesn’t indicate that Miss Youngs has trouble getting her stuff out there… the music is just too good… or is that actually a liability? I have no clue how this stuff works.

  3. There should always be support for good music. 🙂