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Pickstarter: A “Twisted Robot Love Story”


Meet Robert Kouba, a 20-year-old director from Switzerland. He’s trying to make a movie. Yes, it’s another Kickstarter, but this one’s not looking for millions and there are no celebrities attached. He just wants to make… well, let him describe it:

It’s a twisted robot love story about a young man who wakes up 60 years after a car accident only to find himself lost in a dystopian world run by machines.

That’s the shorthand version. The longer one:

Aurora is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi film, set in 2080 – 60 years after machines have taken over the world.

Our story follows Andrew (Julian Schaffner), who encounters a car accident on the day of the uprising, in 2020. He wakes up 60 years later, in a world where the human race is almost extinct.

On his path, he comes across a girl named Calia (Jeannine Wacker), who ventures north to reach a long-rumored stronghold called Aurora, the last human reserve. While on constant watch for the machines, they develop feelings for each other until a horrendous discovery tears their relationship apart.

Andrew is not human.

Robert has made another film, a sci-fi flick called The Rift — also a big-ideas-small-budget affair — and this one is in the same vein. He’s beaten his original $50,000 goal and he’s shooting for $75,000, with the extra money going to make the movie another ten minutes longer, shoot at four more locations, add props, costumes, and visual effects, add 5.1 Surround Sound, and a “special guest appearance.”

So, the Kickstarter: Ten bucks gets you a digital download and access to behind-the-scenes stuff on the website, $25 gets a DVD with limited-edition cover art, $55 gets a signed special edition DVD and poster plus PDF of the shooting script, and so on with bigger packages including premiere tickets, set visits, or a role in the movie.

Interested? Go check it out and make your donation by clicking here.

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  1. CJ says:

    this Kickstarter is light years better then the shit on the SyFy Channel’s Saturday Night … if all they’re asking for is under $ 500,000.00 ? I have to ask what the fuck is thee budget for thee shit-tastic CGI drival SyFy Channel keeps snagging from Asylyum? ($25,000.00 or less?) …. I’ll put my $ on this Kickstarter !

  2. PoddSocks says:

    “about a young man who wakes up 60 years”

    welcome to the world of tommorow!

  3. Look like this will be a good movie to see. Like some of the lighting in some ot the scenes. Plot is easy to read in the trailer. As long the movie is not drawn out, and action is moving through the movie, I think you will have a winner.