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I may be 24, but I still love Pokemon. I find this adorable. I’d say yes should a girl gave it to me, if we lived in a universe where it’s ok for women to ask men out on dates.

I have a feeling people will have split opinions on this smooth, dating tactic.

(via Kotaku)

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  1. Michael Kich says:

    it is actually ok for women to ask men out in most of Europe, for some reason we’re stuck in the 1860s here.

  2. It would have been hoter if that gameboy color was the super sleek, very 90’s see through one…. THEN I’d be into it!

  3. snug fly says:

    in my dreams i wish

  4. Matthew Burnside says:

    Of course girls can ask boys out. Re-calibrate your sarcasm detectors.

    This post has been very popular. Thanks for liking things I like, everybody!

  5. Erin says:

    This is beyond hot

  6. RaRa says:

    This is way awesome I would so do this and Ig think a girl can ask a dude out I although I don’t think many are creative enough to do this in Houston lol j/k

  7. Lauren says:

    :O YES!

  8. dragoncores says:

    It makes you wounder would this work if you ask that person to marry you. ????? i think they would have to all be LV 100 before she says yes.

  9. geden says:

    No deal they’re not even level 100. Slacker.

  10. Katie says:

    This is so adorable! Makes me wish I’d thought of it. Then again, I just kinda grabbed my now-fiance and kissed him, and it worked out.

    P.S. I’m a girl, and I think this is awesome, and I’m in San Diego! I’m just taken. Sorry Nicholas.

  11. Shay says:

    Thanks awesome!!! I would totally say yes, then beat the shit out of the elite 4

  12. Aleksei says:

    aaaaaawwww…..TOOOO CUTE!!!

  13. Chrysanthia says:

    Women can’t ask men out on dates?? Any man who thinks that is not worth asking out.

  14. How would you decline that? Catch a Magikarp and name it “No”?

  15. Sam says:

    That is much too awesome! Instant yes!

  16. Nicholas Wright says:

    Why aren’t there girls like these commenters where I live?? I need to get out of San Diego…

  17. Amerah says:

    That is the most oh my gosh perfect thing ever.

  18. Travocity says:

    What if the person who received that game restarted it before looking at the party?

  19. Becca says:

    “You” is only level 59…. tsk tsk.
    Also, women can totally ask men out :/
    Anyway, I would love if someone asked me out this way. A guy asked me out by punching out the letters on a graphing calculator once, LOL. I didn’t say yes, but it was cute and nerdy.

  20. Larry says:

    I have so many great stories of nerdy pick-up lines or romantical en devours. My last date, she was playing D&D on weekends with a friend and mentioned she could use more D20…so on my next GeekyClean soap order, I grabbed a bar of Sexterity soap (pink bar, heart shape in middle, and a d20 in the mold)…she couldn’t stop cuddling me all night :).

  21. Nando says:

    Aaawww…. That’s way cute.

    If someone asked me out like that, I’d LMFAO but I’d say yes if she’s pretty and no if she’s uggo.

  22. Rachel says:

    I would instantly marry this person, because clearly they are amazing.

  23. Serena says:

    I think ‘OUT’ is a Charizard. Just saying.

  24. Sakura says:

    Huh? Girls can’t ask guys out? Says who? =\
    But anyways, that’s very cute. I love Pokemon.

  25. AntiLeni says:

    Really cute 🙂

    Makes me think fondly of how my incredibly nerdy husband first asked me out (via AIM, of course): “So, if you don’t get smitten with someone, and I don’t get struck by lightning, do you want to go on a date with me when we get back to school?”

  26. Jay says:

    XD Makes me feel like taking one of my Pokémon games and doing just that.

  27. Gameboy COLOR! Where’s my old copy of blue and silver? That’s freakin’ adorable. But what if the sender is trying to catch them all? Scary…very, very scary.

  28. Jim says:

    I’m not a hardcore fan of pokemon but if I was asked out like that I’d definitely say yes.

  29. Evan Thomas says:

    Yes! God I hope she’d say yes, or I’d run off to the Safari Zone and cry alone for weeks.

  30. Beetsrdelicious says:

    That’s. Freaking. ADORABLE!!! ;D

  31. Reiko says:

    10 for creativity! I would totally say yes.

  32. Sue London says:

    It’s not ok for women to ask men out? I must be from another universe…

  33. Damn, and I thought my winking and clicking were creative ways to get a date.