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People of the World! The Spice Girls Might Reunite for a Tour Next Year

People of the World! The Spice Girls Might Reunite for a Tour Next Year

You’ll wanna, wanna, wanna, wanna really really wanna hear this news. I promise not to waste your precious time–the Spice Girls might be reuniting for a tour.

According to the one and only Scary Spice herself, Mel B, our favorite all-female ’90s pop band is potentially getting together for a tour next year, one that would coincide with the 20th anniversary of the release of their first album, Spice. In an interview with Billboard, Mel B was asked about whether her young daughters ever sing any of her old Spice Girls songs, and in her response she just casually mentioned we could see a tour from the group next year, one that will probably make 700 billion dollars.

“They (my daughters) know we’re possibly going on tour next year so they get to meet all the other girls. So it’s lovely,” said Mel. When asked for further information, she added, “Once we sort everything out we’ll make an announcement, but right now we’re just figuring it all out.” She said they are all still friends, and that they need to work out the specifics of their schedules to make it happen.

So while the details are lacking, it seems as though the five members are certainly serious about making this tour happen. Where do we get in line for tickets?

The last time they performed together was during the Closing Ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, a surprise performance (that was spoiled days before it actually occurred).

Make sure you head over to read the rest of the interview, including what it was like to work with Howard Stern on America’s Got Talent, and what she expects from his replacement, Simon Cowell.

Okay, what’s your favorite Spice Girls song? Share it with us, since we’re all going to have one of their songs stuck in our head the rest of the month anyway.