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Penny Arcade Looks for the Next Great Web Cartoonist


Fans of web comics are no doubt aware of Penny Arcade, the powerhouse three-panel strip that has been making people laugh for 15 years. Now, its two creators, Mike “Gabe” Krahulik and Jerry “Tycho” Holkins, are searching for a protege, or at the very least another good web cartoonist.

The first episode of their new web reality series, Strip Search premieres today and pits 12 newcomers against each other in what’ll probably be the most well-behaved competition program in the world.

From the press release:
The Strip Search project was greenlit by a Penny Arcade Kickstarter stretch goal last year and will premiere this Friday, March 1 at, with new episodes airing on Tuesdays and Fridays. The winner earns $15,000 cash and space at Penny Arcade’s Seattle office for one year along with support from the company’s robust business and merchandising resources.

Mike Krahulik says, “Strip Search’ gives us the opportunity to throw a spotlight on some of the incredible and undiscovered talent out there.”

Participating artists culled from a rigorous selection process of nearly 1,000 entrants worldwide, run the gamut, from 20-year old Canadian Abby Hoffman, who is just now getting her start with the Junior Scientist Power Hour strip, to 31-year old Tavis Maiden, who creates the family-oriented journal comic Stranger Danger from his home in Mesa, Arizona. In the premiere episode airing Friday, March 1, the artists get to know each other as they settle into a Seattle lakefront mansion where they’ll live together through the duration of the show.

In speaking about the appeal of the show and the opportunity, Strip Search artist Nick Trujillo from Northern California says, “I think within every creative person, there’s a desire to do your own thing or have your own intellectual properties.” Nick’s excited about the potential for pursuing this in connection with the show.

Amy Falcone, another participant who hails from a small fishing village in Connecticut, relays, “I wanted to be part of Strip Search because I’ll be getting critiques from people in the industry. Most importantly, I’m going to find out how far I still need to go before I’m at the level where I can be a pro.”

You can watch the entire first episode above and catch new episodes every week on

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  1. YES! They all need to be in a future Nerdist podcast!

  2. Sir Snarksalot says:

    I agree with Arzikhan, Gabe and Tycho would be perfect
    for a Nerdist podcast. Or have a bowling/ping pong contest.Or do color commentary on their next D&D game with W. Wheaton. So many possibilities…

  3. Arzikhan says:

    Can we get these guys on the podcast? They’d be great!