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PAYDAY Devs Working on New Co-Op THE WALKING DEAD Shooter

If the adventure games aren’t really your speed, a new co-op first-person shooter based on The Walking Dead is coming in 2016 from developer Overkill Software. The Payday developer teased The Walking Dead in a new Gamescom teaser, promising the fall of Washington.

So a couple of things about this: first, conceptually, the Payday games are pretty alright. While the sequel might have stretched the mission-based stealin’ stuff model a little thin, there’s something to be said for playing out the final heist scene in Heat with a bunch of your friends.

Second, what those games had few of were quiet moments – something kind of necessary in a Walking Dead game. Of course, that doesn’t mean that Overkill will go all Left 4 Dead with their The Walking Dead – or who knows, maybe they will. I’m just really intrigued by this match of developer and source material.

While the studio wouldn’t provide specifics on platforms (I’m gonna guess current-gen and PC are a lock), Overkill did tease some potential crossovers between The Walking Dead and Payday: “When Washington falls, what will Dallas do? If you own Payday 2, you can answer this question in OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead.”

One last bit: is this the first piece of The Walking Dead game fiction to take place outside of Georgia? The Washington setting offers a pretty dramatic shift from the southern misadventures of Rick and his band of survivors.

With two years out until the game’s release, this is more notice than we got the last time someone decided to make a shooter based on The Walk of Dead: last year’s The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct from developer Terminal Reality was announced just weeks before the game’s release. If you’ve played it, you can see why.

[Source: Starbreeze via Polygon]

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  1. Let’s hope it would a worthwhile addition into the Walking Dead gaming catalogue besides the wonderful Telltale Games entry.