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PAX: A Wedding Against Humanity

Over the weekend at PAX Prime in Seattle, we saw a ton of amazing games and met quite a few interesting characters running about the Emerald City. The gaming convention brings together gamers and fans for four days of fun, camaraderie and, of course, playing games. From video games to tabletop and card games, there was a game for everyone, including one of our favorites, Cards Against Humanity. Chelsea Breeze and Sam Rossoff are also fans of PAX, gaming, and Cards Against Humanity, so when the opportunity came for them to get married in the CAH booth at PAX this weekend, they took it.

In the middle of the con floor, Chelsea and Sam exchanged self-written vows and, with an “I now pronounce you Player 1 and Player 2,” were wed. The bride entered the giant black Cards Against Humanity booth to the sounds of a cellist who had been performing in the area, with flowers provided by Think Geek.

The two had been together for four years after Sam met Chelsea while at school in Victoria, BC, Canada. The gamers have attended four Penny Arcade Expos together, including one trip to PAX East that involved hopping on a train to play board games until arriving in Boston. “It’s been rough,” was all Sam could add when discussing the fact that the couple have been in two different countries the past three years.

The couple doesn’t just love PAX, they also attend other cons together, as they celebrated their anniversary at RTX this year. And while the couple had considered having a big wedding for their families, Chelsea said, “He loves video games and I love board games, and PAX is way more fun.”

Congratulations to Chelsea and Sam as they start their new life together from all of us here at Nerdist! Follow @chlsebrz and @tzenes on Twitter and wish them well!

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  1. Lindzie McIntyre says:

    This is so awesome!!! I love that they got married somewhere they both love and did it the way they wanted. Congratulations to Chelsea and Sam. Wishing you all the best. xoxo

  2. Jennifer lynn says:

    So cool now I want mine at comic con. LOL i wish the best for the couple!!

  3. Brian Walton says:

    That’s no problem. I have their contact info.

  4. CubanRefugee [E] says:

    Two PAX Enforcers (Dya and MissLulu) also got married Friday morning of PAX Prime. The ceremony was held at the Wolfman theater at PAX, and almost ALL of the normal ‘To-do’ jobs were done by fellow Enforcers who volunteered, including the officiant, providing the cake,

  5. chlsebrz says:

    Well written article Brian. 😀

    Thanks for sharing this moment with us and taking such wonderful pictures. We realized afterwards that of all the camera’s at our wedding none of them were ours. Sam may contact you to get some if that’s okay.