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Paul Rudd, Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man’?

After nearly a two month toss up with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, reports from Variety have indicated that Paul Rudd will go on to play the title role in Marvel’s Ant-Man. Rudd, who starred in the recently released Anchorman 2, is said to be in “early talks” for the role with Marvel Studios. Representatives from Marvel and Rudd have yet to comment on the casting.

It’s arguable that Gordon-Levitt’s recent announcement that he will star in and direct the big-screen version of DC Comics’ The Sandman may have helped Rudd get the edge on landing the role. Regardless, this role will definitely showcase a different side of Rudd’s acting range, as his most memorable roles have been in comedies.

Ant-Man is being co-written by Edgar Wright (Shaun Of The Dead, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World) and Joe Cornish, with the current release date set for July 13, 2015. Will Paul Rudd make a good Henry Pym? Are you disappointed with the choice as opposed to Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Let us know how you feel in the comments.

HT: Variety

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  1. Satchell says:

    That’s a smart answer to a tricky quoetisn

  2. Hmmm very interesting. I think he could pull off, he does have ant like qualities

  3. Jef says:

    Well if you see who’s cowriting it….. Those are hilarious movies..
    Shaun of the dead. I don’t think we have to expect to see any different side of Paul Rudd. Just the awesome funny one we know and love

  4. Shayde says:

    There’s a serious side to Ant Man?

  5. T. Perran Mitchell says:

    I know that he will be Hank Pym, but I think he would make a better Scott Lang than a Pym.

  6. M2 says:

    I am looking forward to his antics with anticipation.

  7. Chance says:

    He totally looks like a wife-beater. I’m in.

  8. Michael Criscione says:

    Isn’t Paul Rudd a little too old? And why has no one ever suggested Adam Scott? He’d be a great fit for the role and probably cheaper.

  9. RG says:

    Bring on the straight fun pseudo-comedy superhero movies. Disney-Marvel figured out that that’s the only way for it to work.

    The grimdark bubble burst with Dark Knight Rises; I enjoyed it, but grimdark is too hard to maintain for general audiences. There’s a reverse-emperor’s-clothes thing that happens when somebody calls bullshit on something that isn’t quite self-aware enough; lots of people start to hate it too, just to seem smart… even if its bullshit doesn’t completely ruin the movie, which is my honest objective feeling about DKR. Regardless, when people turn on it, it no longer works.

  10. Jackson says:

    I like both Paul Rudd and J.G.L. but I think Paul is a good choice. I’m not the authority on Ant Man by any stretch of the imagination, but I think he can capture the sincerity of Hank Pym. He was not a mad scientist who created Ultron. He created Ultron.

  11. Cnate says:

    Eh, feels a bit Green Hornet-like at first thought. But “Edgar Wright” pulled me back in.

  12. Joshua MacPhetridge says:

    He’s an accomplished dramatic actor on the stage and an amazing comedic actor on film. He would be an amazing Ant-Man.

  13. Nick vallot says:

    Uh duuhhh

  14. Kristoffer says:

    he actually looks a bit antish, so he can probably pull it off.

  15. Scott says:

    He is a great choice. I’m actually much more interested in this film now!

  16. RG says:

    Aww yisss.

  17. Tyler Norwood says:

    I believe he will cause I feel he can have a serious side to him and make it breakthrough as Ant-Man.