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Our THE WALKING DEAD and SUPERNATURAL Crossover Dreams Come True… on Twitter

Our THE WALKING DEAD and SUPERNATURAL Crossover Dreams Come True… on Twitter

While fans are still recovering from Negan’s wrath on The Walking Dead, it seems we aren’t the only ones the event has shaken to core—it’s making waves all the way over to the Winchester boys of Supernatural.

See, way back on Supernatural season one, dad John Winchester was played by Negan himself, Jeffrey Dean Morgan. It’s been 12 years since dear ol’ dad’s first appearance and fans have long been speculating that his whereabouts may have something to do with being out on the hunt for zombies.

It all started with a not-so-innocent tweet by Jensen Ackles, a.k.a. Dean Winchester, from the set of Supernatural; Ackles first casually placed a bat on the hood of the beloved family Impala, then came the tweet of Ackles holding said bat. Not just any bat, Negan’s barbed wire executioner, Lucille.

Fans on social media lost their minds at the idea of Papa Winchester hunting demonic beings—you know, the family business. (Though this version of Jeffrey Dean Morgan isn’t quite as heroic as Sam and Dean might hope he’d be.) The crazy fun idea of a show crossover only heightened when Morgan responded to Ackles’ tweet referencing Baby, the car that has been handed down through the Winchester generations. Maybe the Impala isn’t the only family heirloom after all.


Ackles responded, referencing Negan’s famous red scarf. Also let’s not forget that John Winchester’s origin story included a love of baseball on Supernatural. Eerie coincidence.


And then yet another JDM response. At this point fans were in a frenzy, watching the fanfic of their dreams play out on social media. And by fan frenzy I mean me, refreshing my feed, zombie-chomping at the bit to see what was going to happen next.


As two of my favorite fandoms continued their conversation, it seemed like this ongoing tête-à-tête could last forever. One would hope.


Then JDM dropped the bomb of all bombs. The ol’ Soylent Green twist. (Anyone else dying that he calls him kid?)


In the end, turns out Ackles and JDM’s conversation’s importance wasn’t lost on one of the key players in all of this, the magnificent Michael Cudlitz, who had a few choice words to say. The Walking Dead’s own dearly departed Abraham did us all a solid and chimed in with his two cents:


No word on what Glenn thinks of all this but he could be under a garbage can and unable to check his twitter. Dumpsters, am I right?

What do you think of this Winchester weapons report? Personally, it’s The Walking Dead Supernatural crossover of my dreams so let me know what you think in the comments below and tag @nerdist and @justjenn on twitter to share your thoughts!

Where will The Walking Dead go from here?

Featured Image: CW Supernatural
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