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This Is What 1000 Layers of Lipstick Looks Like

Mere mortals might be content with joining something as quaint as a one hundred layer club, but we expect more from royalty, and we expect a lot more from royalty who (sorta) have (a kind of) dominion over machines. Which is why the reigning Queen of Sh***y Robot Nation used her wonderful power of terrible technology to let a machine induct her into the 1,000 Layer Lipstick Club.

In her latest video, Simone Giertz showed what someone is capable of when they connect a servo motor to some tubes of lipstick and an automatic counter. After 1,014 passes of lipstick across her lips/mouth/face, it turns out what she was capable of is looking like a total lunatic. The type that Harley Quinn would be a little mortified by.


A lipstick robot was one of the first machines from Giertz that we told you about, though back then it wasn’t used for an activity as important as joining something as elite the 1,000 Layer Lipstick Club.

Although, with all of these reports nationally about creepy clowns walking around cities scaring everyone, it might be best to make sure that if you also want to join this club you make sure to clean up entirely before you go out. Or build a non-terrible robot to apply the lipstick.

If you’re wondering if Giertz ever uses her technological prowess for something useful as opposed to useless, the answer is “kinda,” because for Tested she made a video this week of her crafting a giant coat hanger…for coat hangers.

Over-sized, novelty coat hangers? A lipstick machine? All Hail the Queen of Sh***y Robots.

Long may she reign.

What’s your favorite, terrible/awesome machine she has built? It would be crappy if you didn’t tell us yours in the comments below.

Images: Simone Giertz

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