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ORPHAN BLACK Playlists: Alison Hendrix Is a B*tch, Lover, Child, Mother, Clone

Grey skies are gonna clear up — put on a happy face! Our super-uptight soccer mom type-A drama queen Alison is the subject of today’s Orphan Black clone playlist homage. Our oft-unintentionally hilarious community theater star has crafted her way into our hearts thanks to her living-on-the-edge (of emotional stability) lifestyle and general set of skills. Who else could turn a glue gun into a torture device?

Alison may not have the wit of Cosima, the brawn of Sarah, or the cunning like Rachel, but she does have a lot of heart and a strong sense of what she needs. And hey, wouldn’t we all benefit from a little more of that in our lives? Add to that her erratic behavior, coupled with a supremely emotional existence (gilded by a bevy of pill and booze usage on the DL—but stay strong on that sobriety train, Ali!), our paranoid player’s desire for normalcy has her all tied up in knots, which makes her a fascinating character to observe.

Be it losing control of her life, marriage, identity, or best friend’s scarf (R.I.P. Aynsley), Alison is more relatable than she may appear at first glance (she just does a terrible job at hiding it!). With her gay best friend/acting coach Felix by her side to ensure many laughs, this off-off-off-off-off Broadway babe is the sort of rash housewife that could seriously upstage those Bravo-approved Real ones. (We’d bet on her over Teresa the table-flipper any day of the week). And that’s why we’ll always adore her. She’s a bitch, she’s a lover, she’s a child, she’s a mother, she’s a sinner, she’s a saint — and she does not feel ashamed. And neither should you, even if you are about to listen to the Spice Girls and Ace Of Base and music from Rent. If it makes you happy…

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  1. Randy says:

    I think “Clonie” by Nellie McKay should absolutely be on here!!