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Original STAR WARS Characters Meet Their THE FORCE AWAKENS Counterparts

“Cool outfit. You from Tatooine too?”
“Uh, nope, from Jakku. It’s a totally different planet. It’s only, like, one sun.”

You may have noticed that there are a few, um, similarities between The Force Awakens and the original Star Wars trilogy. Well, it turns out that you aren’t the only one who noticed, because some of the characters from those movies also couldn’t help but see that they were inspiration for the film, and they have some questions for their Episode VII counterparts.

This 16-bit animated video comes to us from Dorkly, and it’s a funny look at the use of similar locations, backstories, character types, and plot points that The Force Awakens appropriated from the original films.

Here, young Luke Skywalker meets Rey, Obi-Wan talks with Han about being a wise, old mentor, Lando explains to Finn that they don’t look like anyone else in the galaxy, Darth Vader bemoans his grandson being so whiny (uh, we remember what you were like Anakin), Boba Fett and Captain Phasma celebrate being cool in spite of their actual roles in the movie, and the Death Star and Starkiller Base commiserate over their inability to fend off a small band of fighters.

They didn’t need to include R2-D2 meeting BB-8 since we already got to see that. I wouldn’t mind seeing an Anchorman style brawl between the Mos Eisley cantina crew and Maz Kanata‘s patrons though.

What did you think was the best aspect of the original trilogy that was used by The Force Awakens? What was the worst? Tell us your answers in the comments below.

HT: laughingsquid
Image: Dorkly/YouTube

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