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Original "Ghostbusters" Trailer

For a movie that I have seen no less than fifty times, I’m surprised I had never seen the original trailer. Ghostbusters was the first film that floored me as a young teen. All of the elements that went into my seeing it had that rare kind of serendipity that almost never happens anymore, because as an adult it’s difficult to be surprised art.

Recipe for Being Floored by Ghostbusters:

1) Be twelve

2) Be on summer break

3) Make sure you and your friends spontaneously decide to go see a movie while riding the buzz of summer freedom

4) Make sure you had never heard of Ghostbusters and know ZERO about the film going into it

5) Have it contain some of your favorite comic actors

6) Have your two favorite genres be sci-fi and comedy

7) When your parents go with you on your sixth time of seeing it in the theaters and "just don’t get it," be a little confused but also feel more grown up because you have just found one of the cornerstones of your comedic identity

8) Quote it forever


Back to the trailer—it’s oddly not amazing. First of all, they pretty much give you the whole story and the jokes out of context play weird. Also, Venkman says something in Dana Barrett’s apartment that doesn’t actually appear in the movie (nerd complaint). This whole jaunt through Memory Land made me realize that I would like to start seeing more movies without knowing anything about them so I have no judgments going in. This, of course, is next to impossible in the Age of Information. My friend Moon wrote a poem called "Why Do I Know Who You’re Dating," which outlines various tabloid couples and their relationships. Even when you don’t want to know stuff, it seaps into your brain somehow.

Back to the trailer (again):

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  1. Alan says:

    Well, since I left a “We’re ready to believe you” G.B. quote on the Bigfoot post it follows that I thank you Chris for posting the G.B. trailer and share my favorite quote “You’re the best one in your row.” I say that to my comedy friends after they do stand-up or improv/sketch and so far only one’s gotten it and laughed… other time they just gave me the wtf look. :/

    Yeah Chris, I too was floored by the movie- love it- so many other quotes and things from that movie, one of my favorites. Then there’s STRIPES. Bill Murray is one of my idols actually.

  2. Steve Marmel says:

    Holy God – remember when trailers didn’t feel like they were ripping through your system like Ipecac?

  3. Michael says:

    Re: Ernie Hudson. Apparently he wasn’t notified that the Ghostbusters video game panel was cancelled and showed up to Comic-con for nothing. He hung out and talked to folks in line, but that’s gotta sting.

    The only time I’ve seen a movie without seeing any trailers or hype was Atonement. I was so happy to not know where the story was going. Score one for movie-going, minus one for literacy.

  4. Nicofopolous says:

    The people who cut trailers often ruin the best jokes. It’s a sad thing. Avoid the Redband trailer for Tropic Thunder if you don’t want to see a great bit coming.

  5. Doomguy13 says:

    One of the greatest films EVER. And that is right, Ernie Hudson SHOULD of been mentioned in the trailer! He is a effin Ghostbuster also!

  6. Jeff says:

    I just wish Hollywood mad movies like this again. I worshiped Bill Murray and Harold Ramis (and Steve Martin and Chevy Chase) when I was a kid. It was a golden era. I honestly feel like “Ghostbusters” was the end of something special. From “Animal House” and “The Jerk” to “Meatballs” and “Stripes,” it was a great time for well-acted comedies. “Ghostbusters” makes a nice bookend to when Hollywood was different. I sound old…….

  7. chrisallen says:

    ray finkle’s mom is in the movie!!! (that’s from MY favorite movie)
    and she didn’t say “ghost bustahs…”

    DISCLAIMER: the following statement is by no means a racist statement. the author is simply addressing a comedic situation

    and you can’t even SEE ernie hudson in the dark scenes due to old film technology and bad lighting… winston!!!!!!!!!

  8. gigi says:

    I’m always a little disturbed that Ernie Hudson is treated as a non-entity. Sure he’s not a marquee star like the rest of the them, but by gosh he’s a ghostbuster too!

  9. The Nerdist says:

    Is the tattoo in a tasteful place? Send in a photo for the site!

  10. Maryl-lyn says:

    Ghostbusters is my favorite movie of all time and I enjoy the trailer. I actaully have a 35mm copy of it. I also have a Ghostbusters tattoo.