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Spoilers ahoy, fans of Ryan Murphy’s delightfully demented American Horror Story anthology series — we may be getting a crossover of one particular fan favorite character from the second season, Asylum. Do not read on any farther if you’d prefer to live in a world of naïveté and bliss. OK, we good?

Now onto the good stuff. Remember everyone’s favorite Asylum misfit, Pepper (Naomi Grossman)? The sweet and gentle microcephalic woman who was accused of a very violent crime and committed to Briarcliff Manor? Well we may just be seeing her — and learning her origin story — in the upcoming season of Freak Show. If — and that’s a big IF — this leaked call sheet from super fan site American Horror Story ARG is to be believed.

According to the site, a call sheet for the first episode of the season shows that Grossman — as Pepper — is one of the actors set to appear for the day. What makes it all seem feasible is the fact that Freak Show has already been confirmed to take place in the 1950s, and Asylum began in 1964.


As we learned in that iteration of the series, Pepper has long considered herself a freak, so the inclusion of her character makes sense. “Doctor Arden, you still see me as microcephalic,” she said in season two. “When my sister’s husband drowned her baby and sliced his ears off he told everyone I did it. They tied me up and paraded me in front of the judge, he took one look at the shape of my head and I was locked up for good. That’s how it works for us freaks, we get blamed for everything.”

Would you like to see Pepper appear in AHS: Freak Show? Let us know in the comments.

HT: Huffington Post

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  1. Nikhil Sanghotra says:

    Ohh mannn. Pepper is returning. Second season had a certain connection with me and i cried out in Madness ends. I hope the same would happen with in Freak Show.

  2. the whole cast looks great! I’m pretty excite to see how Pepper will play into this story line 🙂

  3. Whelp. That last comment did not go as planned. Just wanted to say that I think this would be really cool, it could possibly suggest that all the seasons of the show took place in the same universe! Clones, that’s what’s going on, man, clones.