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ONCE UPON A TIME Finds Its Anna and Kristoff

ONCE UPON A TIME Finds Its Anna and Kristoff

Icy additions are coming to Storybrooke. Once Upon a Time is incorporating characters from Frozen into the cast, and they’ve filled two of three roles for the citizens of Arendelle. We saw the casting descriptions for Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff early last month, and now Anna and Kristoff have been cast. TVLine reports newcomer Elizabeth Lail will play Anna, and Scott Michael Foster (Halt and Catch Fire and Greek) will portray Kristoff. Both characters have recurring roles.

When TVLine reported the casting descriptions, they mentioned we’ll be running into Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff after the events in Frozen. Kristoff is living in the castle, and Anna is as devoted as ever to her sister. Anna and Kristoff have most likely been hitched since the movie, or maybe Kristoff has a room in the castle because of his new title, “Official Arendelle Ice Master and Deliverer.” Either way, I’m hoping that we’ll first encounter them in Arendelle with Anna standing in as Queen because Elsa is missing.



Who knows how long Elsa was trapped in the urn Rumplestiltskin’s basement? Perhaps some Storybrooke residents will figure out how to travel to Arendelle (I can’t remember if they have the ability to make portals to other realms anymore), and recruit Anna and Kristoff to help with Elsa. Something will have to keep them around for more than a few episodes though, so perhaps the journey to Storybrooke will be long or maybe Anna, Kristoff, and Elsa will somehow get stuck in the small town. I’m looking forward to seeing how the story will play out.

There isn’t any word on who will play Elsa yet, but with these two characters in place, hopefully that will be settled soon. At this point, ABC could save the news for San Diego Comic-Con. Frozen’s continuing popularity means the casting decision would make a splash big enough to be worthy of a Comic-Con announcement.

What do you think about the casting – are you excited to see Anna and Kristoff on television? Share your opinion in the comments.

HT: Inside the Magic, photos via TVLine

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  1. Rose says:

    You have to think of it this way. Once Upon A Time takes stories like Cinderella and puts a twist on it. Like Cinderella never gave up her child to rumple. They put a twist on every story and maybe this is what Frozen should have been like.

  2. Not at all! I have 2 daughters that even thought bringing frozen into the mix was stupid. My 9 year old had the great idea of saying it should have been Jaffar and I agree 100%. 

  3. Keili says:

    IT’S CAPPIE! Am I the only one? — Yes? Oh ok.

  4. Kc says:

    Is there a reason why the show is sticking to Disney’s versions of things so much? Is this a marketing ploy? Personally thought Frozen was poorly written and way overrated.

    • JC says:

      Because ABC is owned by Disney most likely

      • red says:

        You got it! Disney is the parent company of ABC so tleverything Once is is just a version for Disney.

    • trth says:

      Frozen is based on a fairy tale…. isn’t once upon a time about fairy tales…. if your not making the connection yet I don’t know what to tell you

      • Since when was the wizard of oz a fairytale? Most fairytales are classics or something that generations have grown up with. Frozen (the disney version) is far from being a classic and as stated, was poorly done. It’s way too far off from the original story that they took it from. It would have been much better if Jaffar came out of that container. He would fit the whole “magic too dangerous for rumple to understand” theme perfectly!

    • Eber says:

      Most of the fairytale they have covered are tales written by Brother Grimm’s and Hans Christian Anderson (but Disney adapted) and since Disney covers most of the original fairytales why would they go with another company?  Rumpelstiltskin, Snow white, Cinderella, Hansel and Grete, etc are all Brother Grimms’ original stories that Disney has taken and remade. Once Upon A Time is probably basing their show off these famous writers-you’d be surprise how different some of these original stories differ from the Disney version…it’s probably what inspired the show in the first place.

    • Agree! Frozen was awful! They should have had Jaffar come out instead

  5. Lisa says:

    Shouldn’t they have already casted Elsa? We actually saw her step out of the urn in the season finale.

  6. Kindra says:

    I’m excited to have Frozen in Once upon a Time but what happened to Princess Tiana and her trusty frog?

  7. Dianna Agron for Elsa!!!!!!

  8. John Woods says:

    I cannot see Frozen without thinking Kristoff reminds me of Peta from Hunger Games so I cannot think I will accept anyone else LOL

  9. Lidan says:

    Anna’s casting is great! And Kristoff’s too, I just would’ve LOVED to have Jonathan Groff play him! I wonder if they asked him or maybe he just has some other projects 😛

  10. Sally Sicko says:

    Trapped? Elsa was released at the very end of the season finale. The blue dress, the hair, and ice coming from her hands? That speaks ELSA. 

    • kworst says:

      Yeahshe got out at the end of the seasonbut she wastrapped in that urn for a very longtime it seemed.

      • Pickle23 says:

        The real question is WHY Elsa was trapped, considering that she was a good guy at the end of Frozen, NOT a bad guy. I don’t like this at all, feels like Once is running out of originality and is riding in Frozen success waves to keep their audience hooked. There are tons of other good fairy tales out there to pull material from.

        • horseluver says:

          if you think about it though alot of the fairy tales in Once are not like we heard them as children so they may be doing the same with Frozen.

        • ourbabypeterson says:

          Actually, the original idea for Frozen was that Elsa would be the villian, but they changed it. I like her better as a good girl rather than evil, I hope that they just say her heart has frozen over, and Anna will be able to warm it. Maybe while she’s there, something will happen with Marion, and Robin can be with Regina.

    • Mel says:

      What the article means is “Who knows how long Elsa was trapped in the urn Rumplestiltskin’s basement BEFORE she was released in the season finale”.

    • Sassy says:

      They are saying who knows how long before that :p

  11. Son of the Bishop says:

    Anna Torv, please Anna Torv

  12. Arletta says:

    From those casting descriptions, it doesn’t indicate that Anna and Kristoff are ever in Storybrooke. They’re probably just in the backstory flashbacks.