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COPS: SkyrimCOPS: Skyrim

On Patrol With “Cops: Skyrim”


It’s finally here.

One of the biggest reactions to the Nerdist Channel’s video presentation at San Diego Comic-Con International this year was for a clip from Cops: Skyrim. Today, the first episode is online for your viewing pleasure. It’s the brainchild of producer Bryan Basham (Machinma’s Impact, FX’s Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell) and Jeff Hatz (see comments below, and enjoy), and it’s exactly what you think it is… and it’s as funny and awesome as you’d hope.

In the first episode, the Whiterun guards encounter a “confused elderly man in roadway” “mixing up a batch of God knows what,” a “birthday party out of control” involving flames shot at people, a “possible flatbacker” (“you’re a woman, you’re out here late at night, the milky white shoulders, you’re talking kinda trashy”), a stolen wooden bowl (“oh, he’s a runner”), and a fire without a permit that leads to trouble.

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  1. awesomevid says:

    Will Episode 2 have some Khajiit swearing it’s their cousin’s wagon and they didn’t know about the skooma in the back? 🙂

    Nicely done!

  2. Church says:

    Best comment exchange I’ve seen in a while.

  3. eddie says:

    need that song. where can i gets song?

  4. Duly noted. All of it. Sorry, Jeff. Take another bow!

  5. ruaidhri says:

    heh heh. you guys might to want to try a phone call before you start posting next time….. funniest crossed wires i have seen in a while.

    enjoyed COPS btw, will deffo look out for more episodes.


  6. Jeff Hatz says:

    If I had seen that first comment I wouldn’t have posted mine. Now I feel like a douche. Then, the next comment is even nicer than the first… Really feelin’ douchey. Thanks, Bryan.

  7. bryan basham says:

    come on Jeff, you think I would leave you hanging out there like that?

    Jeff Hatz is that one guy you all overlooked. We snatched his funny ass up.

    look for many episodes of COPS Skyrim, they keep getting funnier and funnier. he is also the voice of Jenkins the lead cop in the show.

  8. Jeff Hatz says:

    FYI – I came up with the idea for COPS Skyrim. I wrote the pilot (episode 1) and I write all the other episodes. Bryan Basham deserves much credit, yes. But it is not HIS brainchild. COPS Skyrim is something we created together, and continue to work on together.

    Just wanted to set the record straight.

    J. Hatz

  9. bryan basham says:

    for the record, much credit goes to Jeff Hatz for the creation of COPS Skyrim. he is my creative partner and was truly the first to concept a mash up of COPS and Skyrim.

    -bryan basham