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OMFFFFFFG! World’s Tiniest Horse!

Little muffin! How could you get anything done with this tyke around? You’d spend all of your time just pinching and smooshing his tiny face!

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  1. LadyShoes says:

    Hot crossbread?

  2. EdReilly31 says:

    i call bullshit! thats just some messed up crossbread of dogs!

  3. anonymouse says:

    holy horse! I would totally trade my niece for that. lol

  4. Tad says:

    If anyone knows the address of the horse farm and a wine that pairs well with foal, let me know.

  5. Jack says:

    I believe this is a miniature horse baby (foal).

  6. Deltus says:

    Can’t… look away… little… horse… too cute…

  7. marcus R says:

    if i had that horse, i wouldnt care about anything really. i would just sit there have staring contests with him. life would be great.

  8. Stephen says:

    Aww man, he’s not even going to make one lousy glue stick.

  9. Hey Scott!! says:

    Hey Scott!! the fun is only over for blacks, what a blessings to those asians………Love You ASIANS!!!! And no, i’m not from Arizona.

  10. Jordan says:

    how do you say cute nugget horse in spanish?? shoot, i better have my ID, arizona OFFICIALS might ask me for a photo id, damn Arizonains, i should have said french instead of spanish!!!!

  11. Scott says:

    Damn – takes all the fun out of being “hung like a horse”…

  12. Anomalous says:

    Looks like jockeys are gonna have to get started even younger.

  13. todraw says:

    Hi you had started a competition with the mike shinoda and you pic… It’s now a while ago, so u’re still goin through the entrys ? or will it be announced soon who won… ^^

  14. Sam says:

    Ugh. I bet it shits everywhere.

  15. Jay says:

    Just a matter of time before they started cloning these things and people start having tiny horses in their apartments. It’s head makes him r-tarded though.

  16. stubby says:

    Mmmm it looks delicious!

  17. Nando says:

    I want one so badly!! I would buy a man bag, put him in there and walk everywhere with its head sticking out of the bag like Paris Hilton. Horse is the new dog

  18. DMack says:

    Jesse Thorn has hacked Hardwick’s wordpress account 😛

  19. jessica says:

    so totally rad. i love that leetel horse.

    i also saw these links recently and thought of sending them to the nerdist team but wasn’t sure how/where: (mesmerizing.)


  20. todraw says:

    Lol he’s so cute.^^

  21. Mary says:

    cutest thing ever!

  22. Marcello says:

    Horses started off small back in the prehistoric days. If only they had little rhinoceros, then I’d be happy. or lil miniature elephants, i’ve dreamed about this before.

  23. Michelle Krater says:

    I know right?!?! I lubs that itty bitty horsie so much!!!