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Oh Snap! Paul Feig Might Helm All-Female GHOSTBUSTERS 3

We’ve come a long way over the past few years, haven’t we? No longer are we afraid of ghosts, but that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve a third Ghostbusters film, right? Surely, with the right person in control of the situation, they’ll be able to scare up something good for us, yeah? I mean, heck, the promise of a female-fronted reboot of the series from Bridesmaids director Paul Feig is likely to have a few people shaking in their boots. Yeah, you read that correctly: the helmer is in casual talks to bring back Slimer’s crew with a few changes in its genetic make-up.

The project has been a longstanding one, with the original Ghostbusters‘ director, Ivan Reitman, attached to direct. That was until March 18th, though, when he left and rumors pegged the ever-popular, seemingly unstoppable duo-du-jour, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, to the whole thing. But apparently all that is a bunch of hogwash and/or poppycock, as The Hollywood Reporter is, well, reporting that Feig is currently Sony’s first choice to tackle the Gene Stupnitsky/Lee Eisenberg-penned script that’s been floating around since 2011.

With Feig in the director’s chair, though, the possibility of the sequel/reboot/what-have-you going full-female feels fairly likely. After all, this is the man who arguably helped usher in Hollywood’s lightbulb/oh shit moment of “Hey, wait! Ladies can make movies that aren’t just rom-coms and they can be commercially viable!” with the aforementioned Bridesmaids. To say nothing with his other successes like The Heat. The man has also executive produced series like Nurse Jackie and Ronna and Beverly, so he knows a thing or two about championing funny women well — something I think we can agree is appreciated.

So — what do you think of this new, female-centric reboot plan for Ghostbusters 3? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Matt says:

    I used to be excited for a ghostbusters 3 or a reboot.  Now I don’t give a $hit.

  2. Akshun says:

    Would love to see Jenny Slate, Amy Schumer & Jillian Bell team up for this.. 

  3. Johnny says:

    They should do female leads but with one male, Oscar (to tie in the old ones, and cameos/small parts for the remaining three as they hand the series/ghost business to a younger generation. Or you know, don’t touch it and make something original.

  4. David Braden says:

    I feel if the original cast isn’t coming back, then why not do a mixed cast of female and male leads.  I don’t see a point in a all female cast,  or an all black cast like in the Tyler Perry movies.  You alienate so much of the general audience by doing this. Or maybe just leave it alone. 

  5. humann says:

    wait, I know: they should remake all superhero movies starring male superheroes but swap the sex of the leads. that would really empower women I bet. or redo Alien with an all-female cast and a single male lead. or maybe another Saving Private Ryan with just women storming those beaches. that would really fix things. but first we need to ban the word bossy.,1398/

  6. M C says:

    The only thing more dangerous than an unlicensed nuclear accelerator is an unlicensed nuclear accelerator in the hands of a woman with PMS.

  7. Jessica says:


  8. The_Tracer says:

    How fucking stupid. Leave it alone. Let it be in peace where it’s a pretty much perfect franchise.
    Don’t shit it up like every other remake or reboot.

  9. D.Barret says:

    Aaaaand cue butthurt angry fanboys that feel threatened by women in male roles and wish death upon themselves and others, because that’s an appropriate reaction to these sort of rumors. Oh wait.They’re already here.

    • Chris Cox says:

      That’s not the issue. ghostbusters just doesn’t need a reboot at all. the thing that made the original great was the actors. I can’t think of any other actors capable of filling their roles. 

    • shemale shazam says:

      That comment shows exactly what’s wrong.
      Because any form of appropriate criticism is ultimately overshadowed by “you feel threated by women”.
      It’s not an argument, it’s an assumption that derails almost any thoughtful discussion and turns it into a “you don’t like it because you’re a boy/girl” mudfight.

    • Joxer says:

      It has nothing to do with “being threatened by women” It has everything to do with the original characters are what made the show. I agree with the butthurt angry fanboys that this is not going to bode well. Why mess with it? All of these remakes and reboots ARE terrible. I guess we can be thankful Michael Bay isn’t touching it. They should just be left alone and we should enjoy the versions we already have and love.

    • Tara Sue says:

      hey i have girl parts and am not threatened by women in male roles…but this does sounds horrible. 1st- no need for a reboot, really almost nothing does(well Dredd did). 2nd- do you really think its going to be good movie with a all girl cast, really? It going to be p.m.s. jokes with a few poop jokes and all wearing lil outfit for no reason at all. Oh ya the main story will be about a guy. All wrapped up with bad SNL flair cuz  that’s what Hollywood does. They poop on our childhood just to make some money. It has nothing to do with feeling threatened. Its about a good movie being made by ppl who make bad movies and having to made some unnecessary twist.  

  10. warhog419 says:

    I will hang my self. This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.  I hope they all get breast cancer and die

  11. Anonymbus says:

    Do the tribalists that run hollywood have any original ideas at all anymore? This will be the Janet Yellen of classic movie remakes.

  12. Christie says:

    The only way this will work is if they use Ellen DeGeneres and Janeane Garofalo and a couple of other women with similar styles.  Otherwise, it’ll just be about their bodies and not the comedy.

  13. sean says:

    So, because he directed Bridesmaids “sources say” that must mean it will be an all female Ghostbusters.

    Okey dokey

    Queue Internet Meltdown

  14. JC says:

    Will this be based strictly on the previous films; a remake, or, will it be the female crew from the IDW comics (where the original GB we trapped on a different plane)? Cause the latter would be ultra awesome!

  15. Chris Godsoe says:

    The problem with gender swapping projects like this one, that has been through so much developmental hell that the *small subset of dudes* that want to go see it are only doing so out of nostalgia, and gender swapping and/or screwing with the formula is the fastest way to cut that last remaining thread of “I still care about this franchise”. I agree with some of Kevin’s points. Why not just make a similar movie that doesn’t have the Ghostbuster’s name attached? I’m not upset by this, but I wouldn’t see that film any more than I would watch Zena Warrior Princess recast with Dwayne Johnson. It just devolves everything into nihilism. 

    • Christie says:

      I think if they used women like Ellen DeGeneres and Janeane Garofalo, it would be okay.

    • “I wouldn’t see that film any more than I would watch Zena Warrior Princess recast with Dwayne Johnson.”
      This. Imagine a new sex and the city movie, where the protagonists are gender swapped into men. It just doesn’t make sense. If you want to introduce a new audience to a franchise that basically lives off the fandom, then all you’re going to achieve by gender swapping, is to alienate fans. 
      Make it a spin-off or something completely new, but don’t just screw long time fans over just because you want to sell more merchandise.

  16. Kevin says:

    Why is everyone trying to take away all of the characters from all of the movies and comics I love and replace them with females? If you want a film starring females, then make a film starring females, but don’t change something that already exists, that just makes people upset. I can guarantee that if they made an original movie with females and I was interested in the story, I’d definitely go see it. Lucy, Kill Bill, and Resident Evil just to name a few. 

  17. Slimer says:

    I’m cool with it as long as you keep Melissa McCarthy out of the picture.

    • McDanger says:

      She can be the Stay Puft Marshmallow Woman

    • Christie says:

      I was thinking Ellen DeGeneres and Janeane Garofalo.  Maybe Mayium Bialik.  Women who can be REALLY funny and don’t depend on their bodies to get them raitings.

      • FD says:

        Wouldn’t any film about pseudo-science starring Mayim Bialik be sort of a documentary?

      • lakawak says:

        Ellen DeGeneres is not a movie actress. And Janeane Garofalo is a terrible one. And annoying as hell.