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Of Course, Bruxa’s Latest Album is Only $6.66 (Or Free)

Earlier this week, Witch house trio Bruxa released their latest album, I Don’t Love You Anymore, via Bandcamp. And of course the dark and moody six-track album is $6.66. Why would it not be?

Technically, the digital album is being offered for whatever you’re willing to pay, but if you want a limited edition black cassette, the band and Мишка Records are asking you to pony up all of $6.66. Only 50 of the cassettes are being made and Мишка is saying they will ship out sometime early this month.

Bruxa is the alias of vocalists Bianca Radd and Saint Michael along with DJ/producer Derek Stilwell, and this is their fourth album with record label/fashion house Мишка, following 2012’s Victimeyez and the pair of EPs Sweating Tapes and eye on everybody from 2011. According to the notes on the album page, I Don’t Love You Anymore is the third in a trilogy and “embraces what they’re known for, yet pushes the envelope into a highly eclectic dark nightmare.”

I tend to like the trio’s work when it plays with hip hop beats slowed down and screwed up to hell, but what’s on display here in I Don’t Love You Anymore isn’t half-bad – it’s a little more down-tempo and assaultive than their work on Victimeyez (which is downright playful by comparison).

The band’s music might be a little gloomy for the 4th of July weekend, but what better way to celebrate fireworks bursting in air than gazing into the loneliness of the abyss and contemplating the darkness within?

You can see a teaser for the album below:


Will you be sacrificing $6.66 to the dark lords of occult electronic music or taking a pass? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Cory Haynes says:

    Hey, this information is incorrect. It was released on STYLSS. Please correct. Thanks.