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Normal Items Sliced in Half Become Extraordinary In Macro

When we were children, we all appreciated the excitement that comes from ripping something in half to see what it looks like on the inside. But little did we know just how amazing that endeavor could really be, even with regular household items. That’s because when you look at them with a macro lens even the mundane can become magnificent.

This latest video from the YouTube channel Macro Room,—dedicated to giving pristine and up-close looks at normal, every day items via a macro lens, which can provide details we can’t see with even a normal camera zoom—took a knife to a myriad of items to show that sometimes true beauty really is defined by what’s on the inside. From organic items like a red bell pepper and a star fruit, to man-made items like a camera and a shoe, under a macro lens normal objects that we hardly ever give a second thought to become fascinating terrains that look like something that belongs in an art gallery or in a sci-fi film.

Did you ever think a pomegranate or a head of cabbage could look like the eye of an alien, or its purple brain for that matter?


Even some gel deodorant sliced in two starts to look like the setting for a James Cameron movie.


The desire to see what something is made of is instinctual, and that’s why we all did it as kids. it just turns out it’s even cooler when you do it with cool adult toys.

What did some of these images look like to you? Zoom into our comments below to tell us what you think.

Images: Macro Room

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