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Next Nerdist Podcast Live @ Largo May 11th! Tix Online!

The next live version of the podcast will be an all-music show with guests Paul & Storm, Mike Phirman, Tom Lennon and sPeCiAl SuRpRiSe guests…The first show did not have the benefit of online ticket sales, but Largo has agreed to let me create some through Brown Paper Tickets! Huzzah!

Get yer tickets here!

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ANNIHILATION's 'Shimmer' and Ending Explained

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Meltdown Comics, an LA Landmark, to Close After 25 Years

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  1. Dani says:

    My birthday is the day after and there is nothing I want more than to go, but there is no one who will go with me and I don’t know my way around LA. I have never been there before. I heart Hardwick. I’m so sorry that I am going to miss it.

  2. Kerri says:

    I twitted this to you in short, but I feel the need to reiterate. You are awesome. This podcast was awesome. That Adam guy-way exceeded my expectations. I had never watched his show, but totally intend to now. Your opening standup killed, and Adam’s “first time standup” pretty cohesive for a first timer. I love that you pointed out how much you sucked on your first go round. This podcast made a 4 hour trip from LA to Palm Springs in the frickin rain tolerable. You are on my top 3 list of fave podcasts. Even still, I do not care to eat you in a sandwich.

  3. JL says:

    you got The Largo to do online ticket sales?! You, sir, have super powers

  4. Wesley Marshall says:

    Is the special guest Matt Smith?????

  5. Brynn says:

    Uh no. I would not eat a Chris Hardwick sandwich. I’d rather have him on G4 cracking me up than in my belly for 4-6 hours. But to each his own :]

  6. Deltus says:

    Hey, as tv hosts/comedians go, I think Chris Hardwick would make an excellent sandwich. Maybe with some Montreal smoked meat, some spicy mustard, rye bread (or maybe sourdough, you could be onto something, Joey), and some Chris Hardwick shaved nice and thin. Pickle on the side, of course. Potato chips optional. You would choose that sandwich any day over, say, a Doug Benson hoagie.

  7. Joey says:

    I’m thinking sourdough or Foccacia (not sure of the spelling. :)) mmmmm Thats good Hardwick. Damnit, now we’re talking about cannibalism and I always promised myself that I wouldn’t go back down that road! 🙁 Sigh. Oh well

  8. Brynn says:

    Dear Deltus,
    I do not know what kind of bread would taste best on a Chris Hardwick and deli meat sandwich, or whatever the Hell you are talking about, but I do suggest you take a nap. Give your tired brain a break, buddy.

    :D, Brynn

  9. Danielle H says:

    OMG Im soooo there!

  10. Deltus says:

    I hope your podcasts don’t get you to be so big that you won’t let your loyal fans toss luncheon meats at you.

    Wait, will you allow that now? I’m talking fresh meats here, nothing more than a day old. And none of that cheap crap, either. Premium cured hams and Montreal smoked meat, maybe some fine cheeses.

    So, what say you, Mr. Hardwick? Or should I call you, Mr. Deli?

    (no, I’m not drunk or stoned, just brain-tired. I bet you’d make a fine sandwich, though. Dunno what kind of bread, though. Thoughts, anyone?)

  11. Brynn says:

    Yes! A video podcast would be brilliant! Or you can come to Dallas so I can see you live. I would enjoy the latter oh so much but you can do whichever is more appealing to you 🙂

  12. Joey says:

    I agree with that statement! (or in Nerd speak “I thoroughly concur with the above posting of my nerdy colleague!”) 🙂

  13. Ken says:

    Can you make podcast as video, later on this year? I love video podcast, it is awesome to watch it when it is on live.