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New VICE PRINCIPALS Teaser Is Not Safe for Work, School, or Pretty Much Anywhere

“Popcorn! You think there’s popcorn and beanbags in the real world? There’s not. The real world is full of meanness and s***!”

Oh man, don’t we know it. Don’t we know it.

In this second teaser for HBO‘s new comedy, Vice Principals, starring Danny McBride and Walton Goggins as two vice principals at the same high school who are competing for the position of head principal, we get to a closer at McBride’s character Neal Gamby. As it turns out, Gamby might not be “well-liked enough” to land the job, as a result of his tactless, very un-P.C., generally unsafe behavior toward every single person in the school, student and adult alike.

Also, for a show about two educators in charge (or, kind of in charge) of a high school, it appears there will be a tremendous amount of damage and violence involved.

Lest you think McBride’s Gamby is the worst possible choice for the big job, Goggins’ Lee Russell doesn’t seem to have the right temperament for it either. “It’s every motherf***** for himself,” he says to Gamby, before we get a shot of him throwing a pretty vicious hip check to an old lady at the laundromat.

The show was created by McBride along with Jody Hill, who also created McBride’s last show on HBO, the great Eastbound & Down.

Vice Principals premieres on HBO this summer on July 17 and will run for 18 episodes, so there will be plenty of time to scar some children for life. In the meantime, check out Nerdist’s interview with stars McBride and Goggins from this year’s SXSW.

What are you most looking forward to with this show? Report to our comments section after school to write a personal essay on your thoughts.

Image: HBO

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