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New Trailer for ZERO CHARISMA

Charisma watermarkThe release of Nerdist Industries and Tribeca Films’ Zero Charisma is mere weeks away (October 8th digitally, October 11th in cinemas) and we’ve got a brand new trailer for you to visually imbibe. In the film, we see the epic struggle between a devoted (some would say too devoted) master of a fantasy role-playing game group who meets his arch nemesis in the form of a new player who is certainly not the same type of nerd as he is. Let that be a lesson to all gamers: never upset the one with the word “master” in their title. And did you miss the new poster? You can peep that as well if your Perception score is high enough.

The trailer claims Zero Charisma to be “Taxi Driver for nerds,” which gives you some idea of the tone of the thing. You can find out if it unlocks the experience points inside you when Zero Charisma will be available on iTunes, digital platforms, and cable VOD starting October 8th and will be released in theaters in select cities starting October 11th.

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  1. Jeremy says:

    I am looking forward to watching it. My buddy just got me into D&D after 34 years on this earth. I now have an understanding I’d have never had before now.

  2. Leopold Talus says:

    Nope… D10. 100% sure. It’s actually on the 10 *0*.. with the camera looking at it from the “front” so you can see all the even numbers. Even the *8* is in the right spot. If you enlarge the pic you can see the shadow line separating the sides which should actually be the *6* and the *2*.

  3. Tony Lusa says:

    Seems like a less funny version of the classic short film “Fear of Girls”.

  4. airhornsman says:

    @thaguy Pretty sure it’s a d12. Used only by barbarians and those that wield a great ax.

  5. bastien says:

    @Thatguy Actually, it looks like more of a d10, but at a strange angle or with “creative” proportions

  6. Thatguy says:

    The “die” on the cover is either supposed to be a d20 or d8 and doesn’t look like either one. If they couldn’t bother to get that right, what’s the point?

  7. Eric says:

    It looks like now the GM is a complete buffoon and the “Neo-Nerd Hipster Douchebag” is the cool guy.

    I liked it better when it commented on how our culture is being “co-opted by neo-nerd hipster douchebags for profit.”

    But since it’s associated with Nerdist, I wouldn’t expect it to make fun of Chris Hardwick and the other neo-nerd hipsters.

  8. I will indeed like to see this one with my crew and give it the once over for reveiws and judge for ourselves if it is indeed FOR GREAT JUSTICE! or to the dumbster of doom and shame. 😉 Stay tunes true believers of the just and rightous!

  9. Jeremy says:

    Looks like a very interesting movie! Would love to know more about the cities it will be released in.
    Great Work! Thanks!