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New Trailer for “Beware the Batman”

Batman and his never-ending gallery of allies and rogues have had many television incarnations over the years: live action, animated, made-for-TV movies. In July, the fine folks at Cartoon Network bring you the newest small-screen version of the Caped Crusader: Beware the Batman, a computer-animated and pretty original take on the man in the cowl. The series features the titular hero and his crime fighting cohorts, the mysterious Katana and Alfred Pennyworth (now an ex-secret agent), as they face Gotham’s biggest, baddest and meanest super-villains, with a roster including some of the more obscure Bat-Baddies, such as Anarky, Tobias Whale, Mister Toad, and Humpty Dumpty.

The CGI lends a visual style rarely seen on American television and will definitely set Beware the Batman apart from some of its super powered brethren. Check out the first trailer and get ready to see the Bat in a whole new light come July on Cartoon Network. Because, hey, any show that prominently features Professor Pyg is worth at least a watch or two.


What do you think of the trailer? Love the animated style? Excited about seeing some of your favorite Batman C-Listers get their day in the spotlight? Leave a Quemment, email me, or say hi and howdy on ye olde Twitter Machine.



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  1. James Todd Haney says:

    Looks wicked cool! Nice to see Mr Pyg and Anarchy in the Rogues lineup.

  2. Roger says:

    Yuck, ugly.

  3. David says:

    I can’t say I’m a fan of the CGI style. I couldn’t find the words, but I agree with @CXRengel that it is minimalist.

    I wish I could be excited about this, but after seeing the animation of Injustice, it’s kind of a let down to think computers did this also.

  4. CXRengel says:

    It reminds me of the “Green Lantern” animated series. The CG is minimalist, but if they have good writing and stories it should make up for it.

  5. Breixo Garcia says:

    Seriously… Alfred secret agent I don’t see him in other roll that there is to be the correct concious of batman when he often get crazy. And the style is similar cartoonish to the cartoon series in the 90’s but with a different that is by computer and it is not at level at all for the 90’s cartoon series. the only thing that calls me the new bad guys will be appear

  6. CJ says:

    Well, DC & CARTOON NETWORK have to fill in the time slot vacated when both GREEN LANTERN & YOUNG JUSTICE were shit canned … & TEEN TITANS GO doesn’t do it for me, so I’ll give this new series a try (@ least its not another LEGO franchise)

  7. Ben Z says:

    Hate the art style, won’t be watching.

  8. Batman will always be cool no matter what, but if he is going to be voiced in an animated film, then Kevin Conroy must be the actor. Any word on who is going to voice this rendition?