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Excuse Me, New GAME OF THRONES Trailer, But We Have Questions

To steal a phrase from another fandom favorite of mine: holy doodle here we go! An absolutely real, totally spoiler-y non-teaser for Game of Thrones has arrived and, wow, you guys: there is so much to go over in it. So many fleeting images of what’s ahead of us in season six, so many gasp-worthy moments, so many shots of a very, very dead Jon Snow! Needless to say, don’t read on if you don’t want to know what may go down next season.

Naturally, we’re having a lot of feelings about all the footage that’s shown on screen (and we’ve got some killer screengrabs down below if you want to investigate further). From the shot of Drogon up in the sky, Dany looking ominously at the gates of what we can only assume is Vaes Dothrak, the Mountain gearing up for the seemingly inevitable Cleganebowl, Tyrion lurking in the depths of the Meereenese pyramids (plus that shot of some destruction of it later on), EURON GODDAMN GREYJOY TAKING OFF HIS HOOD, the flayed man atop the Northern fields, Jon Snow looking decidedly D-E-D dead, and that holy-freaking-khaleesi moment of the Night’s King standing behind Bran Stark during one of his visions.


Needless to say, this season of the series is going to take us places we’ve never known. And while there’s definitely a lot of seeming book fodder in these images, there’s also a ton that looks brand new to the world of ice and fire — which makes us positively giddy with excitement. Even if we’re fairly certain most of the shots from this trailer are mostly from the first episode of the series.


Because like, is that a man’s hand over Jon Snow’s eyes? Is it Ser Davos? Could Ian McShane not actually be the Elder Brother but rather some rando that brings Snow back to life after Melisandre’s crisis of faith? Or is Melisandre taking off her clothes to schtup Jon Snow back to life? Is that Arya jumping off the wall there? And who is Brienne killing? What fire is Dany sitting beside and when does she lose her ring for Jorah to find? Is that Yara Greyjoy making out with a lady? What’s Tormund lookin’ so scared about? How long will Arya remain blind? What is Sansa running from in the woods? IS THAT GHOST ON TOP OF JON SNOW, DEAD? And why did they choose this particular cover of “Wicked Games” for the trailer?

But what do you think of the new trailer? Have any theories about what may be going down? Hit us up on Twitter and in the comments down below. Because even if we’ve already beaten that “is Jon Snow dead?” horse into the ground, remember: what is dead may never die!

Want to know about the Cleganebowl? Watch this episode of Nerdist News for more details!

Image Credit: HBO

Alicia Lutes is the Managing Editor of Nerdist and is, yes, totally freaking out about season six. Find her on Twitter (@alicialutes).


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