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New ELEMENTARY Trailer Brings Dad to New York

Spoiler Alert — This is not a spoiler free piece! — Spoiler Alert

Elementary will be back with this November with a brand new season and characters for you to get amped on. I sat down with Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, John Noble, and executive producer Robert Doherty at New York Comic Con to discuss the show, the characters, where they came from and where their going. The full interview will come later in the weekend, but here’s a taste to get you excited alongside the trailer.

John Noble’s addition to the cast was announced over the summer, but few details about his character—the elusive father of Jonny Lee Miller’s Sherlock Holmes—have been released. What we do know is that Mr. Holmes will come to New York City in the wake of Sherlock’s recent [spoiler] relapse at the end of the last season. When I asked both Noble and executive producer Robert Doherty what it was like to bring such a pivotal character to life this late in the game, they had amusingly different answers.

“To come into the company, it’s a real gift because the show is so good, so successful, seriously, and the company of actors is astonishing. I do my work with Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu, and they’re both such wonderful actors. It’s this gift of walking in—sorry to keep raving—but I’ve worked with the crew before, and it’s like coming home,” Noble said. His enthusiasm could not be missed, and he’s clearly so thrilled to be joining the group.

When presented with the same question, Doherty was equally enthused about the addition of Sherlock’s father, but also trepidatious: “I confess, it’s scary in that there is no canonical basis for the character.”

Over the last three seasons, the show has introduced new interpretations of canonical characters from the Holmes universe, often with twists you just don’t see coming. From a female Watson to an intriguing version of Irene Adler, Doherty and his team have created a gorgeous story with characters you can care deeply for no matter their actions.

Season 4 looks like it will continue to showcase masterful procedural storytelling with beautiful moments of insight into the mind of an addict and the people who love him. Check out the exclusive trailer for the new season above for a first look at John Noble as Sherlock’s father and get excited for November.

Elementary returns to CBS on November 5th, 2015. Are you a fan? Let us know in the comments.

Images/Video: CBS

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