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New ELEKTRA Ongoing Series Coming From Marvel in 2017

New ELEKTRA Ongoing Series Coming From Marvel in 2017

Welcome comics fangirls and fanboys to your weekend edition of Comics Relief. To start things off this weekend, Marvel has released news about new series about to of the biggest players in Daredevil’s life—read on for all the details!

Marvel Announces New Elektra Ongoing Series

Marvel Comics‘ #1 badass assassin is heading west in a brand new ongoing series, the publisher announced on Friday. Marvel’s new Elektra book takes Daredevil‘s former love all the way to Las Vegas, Nevada. The new ongoing is being written by comic book newcomer Matt Owens, who began his Marvel Universe experience as one of the writers on Netflix’s Luke Cage, and illustrated by Alec Morgan.

Morgan told “when we find Elektra in this story she is trying to hide in plain sight. She’s running. From everything. Vegas is a place that is extremely unfamiliar to her so that makes it perfect for her to hide out. But much like New York, Vegas has a dark side. And Elektra may not be able to stay out of trouble for long.” The first villain for the new series is Arcade, the longtime X-Men foe who fits in perfect in a Vegas setting. Elektra #1, written by Matt Owens with art by Alec Morgan and featuring a cover by Elizabeth Torque, arrives in February 2017. You can see the cover art from the first issue above. [CBR]

Former Cover Artist Frank Cho says he’s Working on a New Wonder Woman Series

Former Wonder Woman cover artist Frank Cho left the title recently (reportedly after series writer Greg Rucka expressed dismay over what he considered Cho’s “cheescake” style of art, something he didn’t feel fit the character of Wonder Woman, due to her feminist leanings), but, according to Cho, that’s not gthe end of his association with the character. Although not confirmed by DC, in an interview with Fumettologica, he said “We’re in negotiation. It’s almost there, pretty much. Yeah, I mean, let’s be honest, it’s gonna happen. You know, I have a huge fan base and I have the story already written.” Hmm.

He added “DC recruited me to do the Wonder Woman covers originally and that didn’t work out because of the writer, but they want me back to Wonder Woman as soon as possible, as soon as the writer is gone.” With no current plans to leave the title, which has been selling very well for DC under Greg Rucka, it could be awhile before DC confirms this Frank Cho Wonder Woman comic book. (Or maybe, even, never!) For more on this, click on the following link: [Newsarama]

BOOM! Studios’ Kurt Russell Comics Lead October Sales

DC Comics lost their lead in terms of market share sales for the first time since June (when DC Rebirth launched to great sales success) this October. But the #1 book of the month wasn’t a Marvel book…it was BOOM! StudiosBig Trouble in Little China/Escape from New York #1. Because of Loot Crate’s half a million subscribers, it easily knocked Marvel’s new Champions series out of the #1 spot. Still, thanks to Champions #1, Marvel is now ahead of DC in terms of market share, but only just. For more on comics’ October 20016 sales, click on the following link: [Bleeding Cool]

The Man Who Killed Elektra Gets New Series with February’s Bullseye #1

Along with the new Elektra series, another member of Daredevil’s world is getting their own book next year. Debuting in February 2017, Bullseye will be written by Ed Brisson and feature art by Guillermo Sanna. The new book will put the spotlight on Marvel’s best known contract killer, who will be “attempting to maintain the balance between psychotic murderer and a cool and collected assassin while doing what he does best – killing anyone who happens to cross his path.”

Ed Brisson told “[The series] won’t change the Bullseye we see. He’s always going to be that same crazy dude who’s out to kill and isn’t going to be bothered about who’s in his way. We’re going to see a man who walks that balance between the two sides well. There is always going to be a very specific method to his madness.” You can see the cover art for Bullseye #1 by Dave Johnson above. The limited series arrives in February 2017. [CBR]

Vertigo’s Sheriff of Babylon Set For a “Season Two”

DC Comics sent out a cryptic teaser this week with the words “STAY TUNED.” It came along with the image above, which is advertising the “second season” of Tom King’s and Mitch Gerad’s critically acclaimed Vertigo series, Sheriff of Babylon. It also appears that the next season of the series may be exchanging “Babylon” for a new location, as the words “Babylon” are totally obscured. Any fans have guesses as to what it could be? You can see the promo art for the Vertigo series above. [Comics Beat]

Monsters Unleashed Gets Gwen Stacy Variant Covers

As part of the Monsters Unleashed crossover coming in next year (by the way, how appropriate is it now that a series called “Monsters Unleashed” is coming in January of 2017?), the publisher is releasing a new series of variant covers re-imagining Spidey’s original love Gwen Stacy as several different creatures, satiating apparently an unspoken desire among fanboys to see their favorite dead, tragic blonde girl as a kaiju. We live in strange times.

The  so called “Gwensters Unleashed” variants will be for eight tie-in one-shots throughout January, February and March — each of which feature a story that ties into the “Monsters Unleashed” crossover. The official press release says “Marvel at the might of the terrible GOOGWEN! Cower in fear under the awesome terror that is GWENSTEROSO! Never before has there been a menace such as GWENGO the unconquerable!” You can see four of these covers in our gallery below, with more to come at a later date. [Newsarama]

Are you excited about this week’s comic offerings? Let us know in the comments below!


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