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New DOCTOR WHO Season 9 Trailer Has Dragons and a Ton of Crazy Aliens

♬ It’s beginning to look a lot like Who-mas, everywhere you go! There’s a trailer reveal right now—some shots of the cast abound—with screwdrivers of sonic-make galore! ♬

With season nine’s premiere day drawing ever closer—September 19th is like, basically a month away, y’all—the time to roll out all of the Doctor Who promotional materials has come to get you more amped up than Seb at the onset of a near-cataclysmic, world-ending event.


Naturally, there’s heaps to discuss here: new aliens, crazy guest stars, all that Doctor-runnin’. But we want to know what you think since, well, this one’s got us all hopping aboard a bullet train to the planet Speculation. Dragons! Hands with eyes like Pan’s Labyrinth! Maisie Williams and Clara hangin’ out in period garb. AHHHHHHH! AHHH! AHHHH! Apparently when space and time “join the adventure” (as the press release reads), things get really crazy and weird in the best way.

Another interesting tidbit from the trailer’s press release? The line that the Doctor and Clara meet up with some “deadly mercenaries called the Mire”—anyone want to take a stab at guessing what those might be? Oh, and if you’re up for guessing/speculating about stuff, make sure to check out our GIF’d-out trailer breakdown post right here, right MEOW (pun intended).

And if you haven’t seen it already, here’s the first trailer for the season that the good ol’ Beebs released at Comic-Con:

And while we’re at it/sharing videos out the wazoo, why not, too, peep Dan Casey’s conversation with Capaldi from Comic-Con, eh?

How excited are you for season nine of Doctor Who? Any better theories as to who Maisie Williams’ character might be in relation to the Doctor? Let’s hear it in the comments.

Alicia Lutes is the Associate Editor of The Nerdist. She doesn’t have a book because we can’t all be like Mr. Impressive, Dan Casey, but you can find her on Twitter @alicialutes.

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