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New Doctor Who For Red Nose Day 2011

For Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day, the BBC aired a little new two-part Doctor Who, “Time,” featuring a TARDIS in a TARDIS.  And here it is:

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  1. Koowie says:

    Hilarious. Can’t wait for new episodes!

  2. Pete says:

    Okay. I’ll admit it. The scene where it looked like there was going to be a little menage-a-Pond had me all sorts of bothered.

  3. Lisa Bunny says:

    Oh, I love it! Although, speaking of clones! Sometimes I wonder if they’re ever going to go over to parallel Earth again and come across the human-version of the 10th Doctor with Rose. With the different writers and revamp of the series, do you think they’ll just avoid that altogether or is it likely they will ever allow the two doctors to intersect? Even as a human, it would be amazing to see David Tennant involved in the series again for some end-of-the-universe story arc or something. Thanks again for sharing this, I can hardly wait for the new episodes! <3

  4. the2scoops says:

    Universe doomed by Amy Pond in a skirt? Inevitable.

  5. Another wonderful bit of DW from Steven Moffat to tide us over. It was all that I wanted and left me eagerly anticipating Easter weekend. Thankfully no “Geronimo!”

    I also toast to Karen in a skirt.

  6. Mal says:

    I’m liking that Nerdist is my primary source for important Doctor Who news. Keep it going!

  7. Tyler says:

    I am not saying it wasn’t fun. It was. Just saying – ok, we’ve seen this before. Keep it fresh.

    I hope that’s the point: Moffat’s reduced it to the punchline of a comedy short. The McGuffin was even called the wibbley lever.

  8. Zack Ziaja says:

    How many times will a woman’s skirt be the cause of mortal peril? As if a time traveling redhead with an accent isn’t bad enough…

  9. Exile says:

    Ok, I love Doctor Who, and I thought Steven Moffat’s episodes during the RTD years were some of the best. But I have to just say…

    Wibbley wobbley timey wimey – getting old. The resolution is exactly the same as Time Crash. The Future Doctor knows what to do because the past Doctor remembers what was done….

    I am not saying it wasn’t fun. It was. Just saying – ok, we’ve seen this before. Keep it fresh.

  10. Robin Burks says:

    You just have to love wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey.

  11. Scott S says:

    I like these silly Dr Who shorts. They should do them more often.

  12. Ryan says:

    Are they all stuck in an infinite time loop now or did the 2nd (well… first) ones just die?

  13. ToSeek says:

    Actually, it’s just the second part that’s called “Time”. The first part is called “Space”. But thanks for sharing – was able to point some fellow Americans to this page to see the videos.

  14. Brian E says:

    Ha! I just watch Logopolis where the Tardis matrialized around another Tardis around a real police box.

    I love Moffat’s playful approach to time travel. Nice having Doctor Who be whimsical. Can’t wait for of the married Zponds and The Doctor interacting. Thanks for posting this.

  15. Dave says:

    Yo dawg, I heard you like TARDISes…

  16. Wow can’t wait! Hilarious as usual!

  17. Lucy says:

    This is why I love Steven Moffatt’s Doctor Who.

  18. Scott says:

    @TC Neal: Yes, because, lord knows, accurate temporal physics are the *first* thing I look for when watching a television show about a 900-year-old alien with a time-travelling phone booth… 😉

  19. Leslie says:

    I am squeeing all over the place

  20. Meghan says:

    @Moni: Glad I’m not the only one who noticed (and loves) the couple’s dedication to a matching plaid wardrobe.

    Cannot wait until next month!

  21. TC Neal says:

    This, while hilarious, mad no temporal sense what so ever, it was all timey-wimey katey-wompass

  22. Bocephus says:

    Ya know, originally I decided that when I finally got my awesome super powers I’d somehow use them to make a machine to clone Gandhi and Einstein. I’ve now decided that Karen Gillian has to get cloned first…maybe a few times…

  23. Livius says:

    @Román: that too

    Like anyone I would have been slapped too

  24. Moni says:

    Oh Amy, I’m so glad she loves herself. LOL

    The married couple, who look as if they’re going camping.

  25. Sawyer says:

    @Stephen; he is, isn’t he? Then again, the Doctor was right when he referred to Rory as Mr. Pond, so there is that.

    And I second the toast to Amy in a skirt.

  26. Denice says:

    Once again you’ve become the home of all things nerdist!
    Thanks for saving me time searching for this!
    The Doctor rules!

  27. Román says:

    @Livius I thought you were making a toast. I’d toast to that too.

  28. Livius says:


    also I thought he was whistling the intro theme.

  29. stephen says:

    that is every thing i love about doctor who summed up in under 1o minutes, and thats going to be just enough to hold me off until the new seasons. btw @sawyer i can completely agree with you, that Rory is one lucky bastard!

  30. Livius says:

    To Amy’s in skirts

  31. Sawyer says:

    Somehow, after seeing Pond in that skirt, I find it nearly impossible to fault Rory.

  32. shay says:

    was shocked earlier when I didnt see this posted on here! Love it!