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New Bon Iver: Calgary

The beginning of your work week is about to suck way less hard: Bon Iver has just released the new song “Calgary” from their upcoming self-titled release. It’s a bit of a departure from For Emma, Forever Ago in the sense that the song employs subtle electronics in favor of a stripped-down, rustic aesthetic. But Justin Vernon’s unmistakable voice really unites the composition — honestly, if he sang over a track of someone tripping over a trashcan, I would be a fan.

This release is especially timely for Becca and me, who were able to see Vernon this past weekend in Cincinnati. Having almost fainted at the sight of Vernon onstage, Becca has now probably entered into some sort of body-consuming fan coma. So if you are in the L.A. area, do me a solid and make sure she is still alive after hearing this Bon-tastic news.

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  2. Ron says:

    I too am from Calgary – approved. 🙂

  3. Bobby says:

    That song was too short, but very good.

  4. Keith says:

    I am from Calgary Alberta, and I approve this song. I also enjoyed Bon Iver’s cover of 80’s classic “Your Love” written by Outfield.

  5. Hunter Boone says:

    Had a stressful ass day. This will make me fall asleep.

  6. Sean L. says:

    Gawd. So good. Love this man.