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NES Cartridge Harmonicas

One might argue that “harmonicae” is actually the correct plural form of the word “harmonica” but that’s not the issue here, is it??? An insightful nerd has recycled one nerdy thing into another. This kind of lateral nerd move should earn some type of bonus points.

Also, how many times have you been unloading a breath-storm on the toot whistle and thought to yourself, “This instrument just isn’t IRONIC enough!” Well now you can shut up about it!

Image: NES Harmonica Etsy store

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  1. Rad beyond my wildest dreams…

  2. Jackie says:

    Ten internet points

  3. erfon says:

    this is one of the most ingenious things i’ve ever beheld

  4. sadtimes says:

    game destruction makes me so sad. also blowing into your games prolly just made em’ worse. oh ps stop pushing down ur fn games. kthxbye.

  5. carin says:

    this has to be the coolest thing I have seen.

  6. Trude says:

    Love all the nerdy goodies that are on Etsy! Last Christmas I got my brother one of these “rock docks” made from an old Atari cartridge, such a steal compared to the ones they sell in the Apple store and about 200 times more awesome:

  7. Joe Pate says:

    I definitely have a few candidates for this… and who has the ocarina mod?

  8. kwebbers says:

    if you like the NES harmonicas, you might also like this, someone sent me a link a long time ago but it looks like they’re still in business:

  9. Deltus says:

    Strictly speaking, there’s nothing ironic about an NES cartridge harmonica. Although I will grant that playing the blues on one could rise to the level of irony.

    Ba DUH nuh nah nuh
    Woke up this morning, my games wouldn’t play
    Ba DUH nuh nah nuh
    Said I woke up this morning, and my games, they wouldn’t play…

  10. Cory says:

    Ugh! Why use “Who framed Roger Rabbit?” Such a classic game!

  11. Johnathan Browning says:

    I think Kurt is on to something I demand this be done I will give cookies to the person who does this and thank you Nerdist for showing us this massaive time waster that enriched our lives lol

  12. Tony says:

    Those years of SNES cartridge blowing are finally going to pay off. Hooray for unexpected twist in time!

  13. Kurt Sasso says:

    Now all you need is a Zelda NES harmonica and play the opening of that on it and post it on YouTube 🙂 But that would ruin an amazing game… oh the dilemma!