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Episode 58: Nerdist Writers Panel
“Why Aren't More People…
The Writers PanelThe Writers Panel

Nerdist Writers Panel #58: “Why Aren’t More People Talking About These Awesome Shows?”

The “Why Aren’t More People Talking About These Awesome Shows?” panel, featuring Awkward creator Lauren Iungerich and Parenthood/Friday Night Lights writer David Hudgins. We also brought back our old pals Josh Friedman (creator, The Sarah Connor Chronicles) and Jeff Greenstein (Will and Grace; Husbands; co-creator, Partners [1995 version]) to talk about TV they love which is overlooked or underrated.

Recorded August 26, 2012.

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  1. The_HZA says:

    Could anyone tell me what writing fellowship/contest Josh Friedman mentioned on this episode?

    He said someone was in the audience who was affiliated with this fellowship that helps unknown writers.

    To my ears it sounded like “Humatas” but after googling that isn’t correct .


  2. Blacker says:

    Thanks for the recommendation, Chris! I love Young Justice. Will try to track those guys down for a future panel.


    e time period,


    been or will be made to the world based on the doctors actions
    in the japanese series the story also tries to look at the role of women in the society and follows the journey of a young woman as she becomes jins assistant,essentially she becomes the first female doctor in edo japan,i was thinking a new interesting change for the american adaptation would be to make dr jin either a african american female or a asian female simply because it would create so many new and interesting stories which have seldom been explored in th


    their is a really interesting japanese tv series i would love to see an american adaptation of called dr jin i think josh could do a really good job with the concept if the story where moved into the civil war
    the original japanese version is about a modern day doctor who is transported back in time to 1861 where he uses modern medical rechniques to treat the horrible diseases of the day eg cholera, he develops penicillin about 60 years before it was discovered ,the series also becomes alittle introspective as to exactly what changes

  6. Chris Berzac says:

    I think another show to consider is cartoon networks “Young Justice”. They are two seasons in and the pay off in season two was something very few shows are doing. Perhaps you might consider bringing them in to talk about their process? I know I’d like to hear about their room, if they have a room and how do you make these characters fresh and relevant. Just an idea. Can’t wait to listen to this episode. This is by far my favorite podcast.