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Nerdist Week at Chris Picks His Top 5 Whovian Moments


How could BBC America’s Anglophenia blog not include Chris Hardwick among their top 5 celebrity Doctor Who fans? Simple: They had a much bigger role in mind for him. Behold, “Five Great Whovian Moments from ‘Nerdist’ Host Chris Hardwick,” for Chris is, in the words of BBCA’s Kevin Wicks, “a freakin’ Whovangelist.” And that he is.

Chris’ greatest Who hits include… oh, I’ll just leave you to go over to and read it there. Suffice to say that they include encounters with the Doctor(s) and a Tom Baker scarf. And when you’re done reading about Chris the mega-Whovian, you can perhaps start sitting in front of your TV with the channel set to BBC America so you don’t miss the Nerdist TV show on Saturday, September 24th — we’re almost there! — at 10/9c, with special guests Craig Ferguson and Matt Smith. It’ll be another great Whovian moment.

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  1. Ryan C says:


    Would you mind telling me which type of TARDIS that is, for instance the style with 2 USB’s or the Flight Control one? I

    I’ve sent messages to the Fergster about the one he keeps on his desk but haven’t gotten reply.

  2. Siladar says:

    1: They can’t have just become fans since the series relaunched. (Or if they have, it has to have opened a door through which they then go off and investigate the old stuff.) This might seem harsh, but they’re celebrities, skimming over the top of stuff is what they do.

    I think the line in parenthesis covers Chris pretty good.

  3. Scott S says:

    Am I wrong, or didn’t Chris get into Doctor Who after the reboot? That would have disqualified him from the celebrities list, according to their pretty reasonable rules.

    It was something to hear Matt and Karen’s reaction to Wil Wheaton being in Stand By Me. That was certainly the most interesting panel podcast I’ve heard on the Nerdist.

  4. Spence says:

    What I love about the video from the Wilbur is that that TARDIS is sitting on my bookshelf right now. Well worth the run across Boston to find it for Chris.

  5. Sue says:

    My daughter and I are big Whovians. We started raising chickens this summer and painted our chicken coop TARDIS Blue and named our Rhode Island Red, Amy Pond. Amy has just started laying eggs for us and my daughter asked if the eggs have a “time yoke”. I’m such a proud parent.

  6. Candice says:

    Whovangelist is exactly the word I would use. I only started watch out of curiosity about this show he just would not shut up about. Now my day is not complete without at least 2 episodes.

  7. Geoff says:

    Woo! Inspector Spacetime!

  8. David says:

    Where do we get an MP3 of that bitpop Doctor Who theme?

  9. guss says:

    the doctor… just can’t say anything more…

  10. Magnoliafan says:

    I think Chris, Jonah, and Matt are all going to jizz over tonight’s episode of Community.

  11. thejacknut says:

    Just had a moment. Was following these series of BBC events in my garage & watching a Chris appearance on Ferguson on my laptop, paused to go in and take a shit whilst listening to the Gaiman episode of the podcast on my iPhone (again), and came out to see Chris on Ferguson on LIVE TV. Serendipity? If so, is it wrong that it made a combination beer & my-own-semen shoot out of my nose?

  12. Anthony says:

    Hardwick is going to jizz over the Doctor Who allusion in the new Community episode tonight.

  13. Celt says:

    You really need to put that video on your rss feed. I need this on a couple playlist.

  14. Patti Brown says:

    Loved going and reading the article, watching all the videos, and links to even more videos. I probably could spend all night watching everything…but I’d never get any sleep. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Sarah Jane Laine says:

    Will there be a way to watch the show in Canada 🙂 I hope there will be, will Space be playing it?

  16. Evan says:


  17. Jonathan Zero says:

    The podcast from Comic-Con where Karen and Matt realize Wil is Gordie from Stand By Me and Wesley Crusher from Star Trek after Will has gushed over Karen remains one of if not my favorite Nerdist podcast. Really good stuff. Been a Dr Who fan since the 80s. Tom Baker is my doctor but I enjoyed the Davison years as well.

  18. Lokey says:

    So as a result of all this work BBCA is throwing Hardwick’s way…do blogs on the Nerdist site have to refrain from saying anything really negative about the Doctor Who series? Cause that Amy Pond opening is still shit and I’d like to think that if the folks here at Nerdist made enough noise…BBCA would get rid of it. Please? Pretty please? Love you long time?

  19. Rob P says:

    Awesome i love the video when they sing to you Chris.
    I get really excited when ever you have someone from doctor who on because i know how much it means to you .
    A few months ago i listened to your pod cast for the first time and you talked about how awesome Doctor Who was , i had just finished watching battle star galactica that i decided to start watching Doctor who and got hooked its so great and its all thanks to you .

    I even got a TARDIS Tat on my Leg .

    Best of luck on the show.