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New York artist and graphic designer Mary Berras came up with one of those simple yet elegant ideas that makes you say, “Dammit! Why didn’t YOU think of that, My Own Brain??!”

Galaga was Namco’s 1981 sequel to the hugely popular Galaxian, and quickly surpassed its predecessor in popularity. I mean, fighting fight space bees, butterflies & mecha-Cicadae with tractor beams, how could it not? The assiest part of the game was that after hours of gameplay and 255 levels culminating in a final challenge stage the game rewarded you by resetting and erasing your score. I call it “The Communist Gold Star,” or the reward of deleting all record of personal achievement. Fortunately or unfortunately I never received that bittersweet punch-hug of success despite dumping hundreds upon hundreds of quarters into the machine that lived in my dad’s bowling center.

Still, I have nothing but fond memories for this galactic insect-themed fixed shooter and also for Mary Berras who was nerd-savvy enough to bring this awesome design to the Nerdist fold. Follow her and her super-groovy cadet Jacob on Twitter or see some of her Web work here.

NERDIST WALLPAPER: Available for your regular desktop, iMac, iPhone, Pre and now, DROID. Yup! I’m progressive! That thinking is so cutting edge, you could split a tin can and STILL slice a tomato razor thin!

Droid DROID : 854 x 440
iPod/iPhone IPHONE/PRE : 480 x 320
Computer LAPTOP / DESKTOP : 1024 x 768 | 1920 x 1200

Image: Mary Berras for Nerdist

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  1. Mary says:

    I had to come here and thank you again for this. It was a lot of fun and I’m glad everyone else enjoyed it!

  2. Deltus says:

    You know, it never even occurred to me until now how fucked up it was to be fighting bees, butterflies, and cicadae in space like that. Man, I’m putting this wallpaper on my Pre. Sure brings back memories.

  3. KathywithaK says:

    I effin LOVE Galaga!!! I suck at it but I can’t resist it. I even have a Galaga ringtone on my iPhone and now I’ll have a wallpaper with two of my fave things Hardwick and Galaga(squee!)

  4. charlie says:

    You heard our plead for droid compatability and for that we thank you

  5. Nerdrew says:

    Chris –
    I’ve edited the 1900×1200 version into a 1280×1024 wallpaper for those of us running that resolution, but you’re probably better prepared to support the download bandwidth than I am. However, I couldn’t find e-mail contact info on the site. Can you send me an e-mail so I can send that your way?

  6. Nifty! and on Android too….. I feel loved now

  7. Kijan says:

    yay! i think it’s replacing the ewok

  8. Aaron M.K. says:

    YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!! XD I was making a similar background I was going to submit (And by similar I mean a background based on a 1980’s arcade game)

  9. YayOatmeal says:

    only 600 points? and no double ships? just kidding! this is sweet like bear meat! moo!