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Nerdist Video Podcast: Thomas Tull

You’ve heard the Nerdist Podcast with Thomas Tull, the Chairman and CEO of Nerdist’s parent company Legendary Pictures, right? (If not, it’s right here.) Now, you can see it, too, in this excerpt from the podcast that gives you a look at the new podcast studio and lets you peek into the room as Chris and Thomas talk about making movies, how Gareth Edwards got the Godzilla gig, and more, including The Beastmaster, because, well, The Beastmaster.

Legendary’s Godzilla opens May 16th. Get ready….

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  1. John says:

    Krull is still awesome by the way. 

  2. Doug B says:

    Nice. Looks totally zombie-proof. 

  3. Mark says:

    Awesome! Full video episodes with Jonah and Matt! Noooowwwww!!!!

  4. Seaatl says:

    It was cool to see the studio, but I don’t want this to be a regular thing. People are different with cameras on them. Don’t want people to perform for the camera.

  5. Steve says:

    I really hope this is going to be a recurring thing.

  6. Leah Pratt says:

    That is one tiny pentagon-shaped podcast table lol I’d love some more of these though!

  7. Hayden says:

    Thats what Kyle looks like? I expected… less hair. And better note taking.

  8. krogan-charging says:

    I don’t mind video podcasts as long as they are never done in favor of the actual podcasts.

  9. pulptone says:

    Studio looks great. Do more of these in the future. Chris nailed it about Thomas Tull. Everything is progressing nicely.

  10. jimh0ffman says:

    What I’m most curious about… Kyle (?) has a whole page of notes in his notebook.. about what? Talking points?

    • Jimboslice says:

      pretty sure he rights down funnyish things that Chris says for Chris to possibly work in to his act. or if something sketchy comes up he can mark it for katie to pull out.

  11. I hope there are more of these in the future.

  12. jimh0ffman says:

    Great studio! Fun podcast too

  13. Cameron says:

    This is awesome. It’s nice to put faces to voices.