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Nerdist Tees: Now A Thing!


At the risk of sounding like a middle-schooler I loudly proclaim: “T-shirts Are the best.” I enjoy looking at them. I enjoy wearing them. So it only stands to reason that I would enjoy making them.

It was entirely good news, then, that I became pals with Chris Glass. He not only deftly designed this very blog-a-majig, but as a hyper-talented graphic designer also co-runs my favorite t-shirt entity Wire & Twine. A few months ago we started kicking around the idea of making Nerdist-themed shirts and now it has come to pass: W&T and The Nerdist have formed a tidy little partnership that will make and sell the aforementioned shirts. The first offering is “Nice Tweets,” an expression of my Twitter-diction.

Our plan is to roll out a new Nerdist Tee about every month, so check back often and ignite the giddy anitcipation that Old West folks had for the Wells Fargo Wagon when it would periodically deliver THEIR nerdy shirts.

“Nice Tweets” is available here.

Image: Nerdist/Wire & Twine

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  1. meerhan says:

    Nice shirt! Will 3rd the motion for baby doll/girl shirts too.. or is that inherently un-nerdy?

  2. Lisa G says:

    Brilliant!! Will there be a T-Shirt Of The Month Club? I’ll subscribe! (And I second the motion for girl-cut tees for us girlynerds)

  3. i ordered one today.

  4. Phil says:

    I saw you in that shirt on Web Soup (affirming that I both watch Web Soup and pay attention to things that my optical sensors pick up)!

    I like shirts because they keep me warm in the unbelievably harsh 65 degree central Texas winters.

  5. bret says:

    My shirt arrived today in the mail. It’s awesome! Nerds rule!

  6. Your out of middle school? I am surprised. It seems as though you are going for a middle schoolers body. (Not a lot of muscle mass huh?).

    I think the T- Shirt looks a little bit too girlie for me, but then again I am not in touch with feminine side like you are. If I was in touch with female side as much as you I would never leave the bedroom.

    Michael (A little surly this morning…not enough sleep)

  7. youre right about the shirt, but thats kinda funny that you spelt your name wrong.

  8. I spelt my own name wrong, that’s pretty sad, but still tho shirt will be best-seller.

  9. I now proclaim that this nerdist shirt will be the best-seller on wire and twine.

  10. that is awsome!! i already ordered that shirt a few days ago, but its cool to know that there will be new ones every month. RAD!

  11. Jaz says:

    Jeepers, Chris, tee shirts are the best!

  12. Liz says:

    Hi Chris, these are great! I wanted to share:

    I hope the extra press can help make your first few weeks a success.

  13. MaxxiBuggz says:

    I cant wait to get one!

  14. Brandon Scrushy says:

    Mine should be here today! I ordered when I saw your tweet about it.. now I’m excited that there will be more! Nerdist Tees FTW.

  15. eye-shuh says:

    Nice shirt but mega FAIL on not having ladies cuts. Unisex shirts are not fun to wear. My bewbs do not enjoy them.

  16. That Girl says:

    Nice, I will get one of these 😀

  17. Scott325 says:

    Ordered mine the other night! I remember you mentioning that you were going to make a twitter shirt when I saw your stand up gig. Turned out nicely!

  18. i cant wear t-shirts to work either.

  19. James E. says:

    I so wish I could still wear t-shirts at work. Still, will probably pick this one up, too nice not to.

  20. shaun says:

    Good sir. When will I be able to get my greasy little hands (that leave NO greasy fingerprints on my iPhone….love that 3Gs!) on the original Nerdist T you had made in Florida? I must have one.

  21. i will, (its cheaper than i thought)

  22. ultimatenerd22 says:

    great shirt. i am so going to buy one

  23. Deltus says:

    Was admiring your shirt on Web Soup! Well done, sir. Special kudos on the “Au yeah!” shirt. Any science nerds out there? Mendelev, anyone?

  24. RadNerd says:

    like the new color theme, tweet tweet tweet.

  25. PeterM11 says:

    Ordered mine! 😀