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Nerdist Specials Back On BBC America “SatNERDay”

Oh, hey, we told you this a little while back, but the day is approaching and it’s time to remind you that the Nerdist specials on BBC America will be back starting Saturday, the 28th at 9p ET. This week will have two episodes — a San Diego Comic-Con International recap at 9p, and a tribute to toys and games at 10p. YOU MUST WATCH BOTH.

You need more reasons? Okay, the Comic-Con episode features guests Damon Lindelof and John Barrowman, plus a chat with the Doctor Who cast, Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and Arthur Darvill. There, you MUST WATCH.

What?!? You want more? Okay, how about the toys and games episode, wherein Chris, Jonah, and Matt become action figures? Aisha Tyler playing a Doctor Who video game with Chris? Yeah, I know, you’re sold now.

You don’t need more reason to tune in to BBC America that day, but the network is insisting on giving you more reason, starting with repeating the entire season 5 of Doctor Who starting at 6a ET. Then, at 7p ET, they’ll be repeating three Nerdist episodes — the episode that accompanied the debut of The Fades, the pilot episode, and 2011’s Year in Review hour. Then, you get the two new episodes back-to-back.

And for the occasion, BBC America has declared Saturday “SatNERDay.” So put it in your calendar, set your DVR, and/or start watching BBC Americs right now and sit there watching all the way through Saturday night, because you won’t want to miss anything.

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  1. mechas8n says:

    Sorry Leonard Sultanna. No Such Luck. BBC America is funded by advertising revenue and they have to bid for BBC shows same as any other US Channel. The get other British Shows too.Its been very strange seeing stuff that is quite clearly ITV or even Channel 4 pop up with a BBC ident! So, No. You don’t get to nick it. or if you swipe it, you have to feel very very guilty about it.

  2. Leonard Sultana says:

    BBC America? That’s a BBC channel, yeah? And I’m a Brit, living in the UK and paying me licence fee so, technically, I’m allowed to legally torrent this when it comes out, right? I’m certain that’s how it works, fucking certain of it.

  3. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that you’ll be able to procure the specials from your favorite internet multimedia provider.


  4. Josh S. Williams says:


  5. Vincent S says:

    I’ll probably miss on this since I’m not in the US…

  6. jake rutkowski says:

    Saw the commercial for it, kinda sounded like “sad nerd day” which is tragic cause it seems like bbc fully supports the community but it also sounds like a jab at the word nerd. : / I’ll definitely be watching regardless, can’t wait!

  7. Phil says:

    Looking forward to it. Although, I have no BBC America in my package. I guess I’ll just have to wait for it to land in some other venue.

  8. Peter Schmalz says:

    The biggest nerds on British Television are Americans

  9. Pete says:

    is this going to be ondemand. i don’t get bbcamerica

  10. RedCelt says:

    Will these be re-aired? I’m on the road all day Saturday…

  11. amysrevenge says:

    Sad panda.

  12. Dave says:

    It doesn’t look like it is on BBC Canada. I wonder why BBC Canada is so absolutely dreadful in terms of programming (Holmes on Homes, seriously?) Does the BBC think they don’t have to try too hard in Canada since Her Majesty is on our currency?

  13. Hylian Heartthrob says:


  14. amysrevenge says:

    So, I assume that these aren’t also on BBC Canada?