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Nerdist Presents: SUPERNATURAL Meets Taylor Swift in a New Parody by The Hillywood Show

If anyone in this world needs to “Shake It Off,” it’s the Winchesters. The brothers from Supernatural have gone through hell (and also to hell), and Season 10 has tested their relationship in all kinds of new and horrible ways. The bleak season finale aired last night, but we have just the thing to cheer you up: a new parody from Nerdist Alliance Member The Hillywood Show®! The spin on Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” involves angels, demons, and a whole lot of Supernatural cameos.

A quick warning before you watch the energetic and funny video: It contains spoilers for most of Season 10. Stop reading now if you’re not caught up and then go settle in with some pie and bacon cheeseburgers, have a marathon, and come back.

Are we all in the know now? Good. The Hindi sisters star as Dean Winchester (Hilly) and Castiel (Hannah) while Osric Chau steps in as Sam Winchester. Though I’d like to see him back in the Supernatural universe more permanently as Kevin, I’ll take this because Chau in that wig? Classic. Rob Benedict (Chuck in the TV show) plays Cain, and Adam Stuckey is Crowley. They go through all the highlights of Season 10 from Deanmon to the Mark of Cain and throw in some nods to popular moments like Dean’s epic “Eye of the Tiger” lip sync.


And about those cameos. Um, they’re kind of amazing. Are you ready for this list?

Jared Padalecki (Sam)
Jensen Ackles (Dean)
Misha Collins (Castiel)
Matt Cohen (young John Winchester)
Gil McKinney (Henry Winchester)
Tahmoh Penikett (Gadreel)
Richard Speight, Jr. (Gabriel)
Lauren Tom (Linda Tran)
Travis Aaron Wade (Cole Trenton)
Rob Benedict (Chuck Shurley)
Oscric Chau (Kevin Tran)
Timothy Omundson (Cain)
Samantha Smith (Mary Winchester)
Sebastian Roche (Balthazar)
Mark Pellegrino (Lucifer)
Tyler Johnston (Samandriel)


The screenplay was written by Hilly Hindi, and the video was directed by Hannah Hindi. They also wrote the lyrics and put together all the makeup and costumes. How did they find time to do all that when they’re busy hunting monsters?!

Stay tuned right here on for more Nerdist Presents, our bimonthly comedy series.

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