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Nerdist Podcast: Zero Charisma
Episode 418: Nerdist Podcast
Zero Charisma
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Zero Charisma

The directors and star of the movie Zero Charisma (which is being distributed by Nerdist Industries!) Katie Graham, Andrew Mathews, and Sam Eidson, come on the podcast to talk about the making of their movie, what it means to actually be a nerd, and Dungeons and Dragons!

Watch Zero Charisma on VOD and through iTunes, Amazon, Xbox, and Vudu! The film opens in select cities Friday, October 11th!

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  1. rmcabana says:

    Very cool to hear more from the Zero Charisma team! I never played D&D but I loved this movie. So glad I got to see it at NY Comic Con last week!!!

  2. gabrielle says:

    The creators should check out the adorable Astropia – another love letter to nerds (spec tabletop), Icelandic style.

  3. Grimvayne says:

    I caught the movie at Cinema Village in NYC Saturday night. Fantastic.

  4. Herbert the Timid Dragon says:

    I watched Zero Charisma on VOD and it exceeded expectations. Bravo! Dare I say Oscar! It is more drama than dark comedy. Very painful. The characters were all to familiar and none of the references were cheap like in the reference movie genre that has already faded out. I’m recommending it like crazy to the non-rpg players partially so they will know our world, but mainly to get them to move coin over to our side.

    ***SPOILER ALERT ***

    I loved the rape scene.

  5. bernard says:

    Re: love Aliens wish I could see a commercial for Aliens on ice.

  6. Matt Boyd says:

    The Client was the other big movie Edward Furlong was in…OH!! And American History X. Loved the Podcast as always! I can’t wait to see Zero Charisma. I started playing D&D somewaht recently, we play Advanced D&D. The GM has been playing it since the beginning, back in highschool we collected and traded marvel and DC Cards. I am a Scifi fantasy fan always been a movie buff and a comic book guy, love Aliens wish I could see a commercial for Aliens on ice. HAHAHA

  7. Really looking forwards to seeing this, and not just because I make this tabletop gamer romcom…


  8. Chloe is so right, half the fun of starting a new RPG for me is designing my character. If I am done in less than an hour, I probably just don’t care.

  9. Michael Thompson says:

    I watched the movie on demand tonight. It’s a very smart film about how much the things that we treasure as people affect us to the point that we allow them to dominate our lives … even to the point that we don’t recognize what should be really important … friends, family, etc. It was sort of hard to see a little of myself in the guy though I probably never let myself spiral to the point he did. Excellent work by these filmmakers.

  10. Billy Nation says:

    Can’t wait to screen this movie at Indie Memphis. Everything sounds great and this Nerdist episode is my top fav.

  11. Tony Lusa says:

    What’s weird is the trailers make it look like the movie is going to be all “Ha ha! Let’s laugh at the nerd!” but apparently, from what I’ve heard/read it’s the exact opposite. So guess, chock that up to a misleading trailer.

  12. Phil says:

    I’ve never actually played any RPGs. I knew D&D was popular amid a few of my friends, but it’s never been something I got into. I guess because I never got a chance and by that time I got into Atari and eventually Nintendo. I’m not speaking for all RPGers, but the guys I knew were dickly elitists to the point where I was ousted from any of that because of my interests in so many other things or just staying home drawing and writing shit. I wasn’t just into shit nerdy kids where into. I liked playing sports as well, but didn’t like watching the televised stuff. But even today, I’m treated like an outsider among my nerd friends because I don’t like or hate everything as passionately in the exact same way. I think for people who have similar interests probably argue more about the tiniest issues and will even take it to fisticuffs than people of broader differences.

    • Herbert the Timid Dragon says:

      I know what you mean. When Magic first came out I met some people who played and they asked me to join them. They gave me a brief explanation of the mechanics, dealt out the cards, and then BAM! YOU LOSE NOOB! (this was long before the term noob was coined). The rules to the “game” were like esoteric knowledge to them and I was immediately turned off. Ain’t no body got time for secret rules.

      My D&D friends were never like that. Nobody was trying screw anybody else, unless it was part of the plot, and then it was still entertaining. Have you ever been poisoned by a Halfling healer? I have and it was the coolest!

      For some players it’s not about enjoying the recreational purpose of a game, but displaying the extent of their passion for some idea. These are not elitist rules lawyers who invest themselves in leveraging the mechanics of the game to win, but zealots who need to devote themselves to something greater. This behavior is not unique to nerd culture, and my fear is that the ugly side of the culture could become both dominant and mainstream. There is historical precedence for this.

      Was Wertham right?

  13. Dtrethew says:

    Steven Stern suggested another name for the movie as well, “Mazes and Monsters 2.”

  14. Wildride says:

    Yeah, Eddie Furlong was in a lot of sequels: Terminator 2, Pet Semetary 2 and American History 10.


  15. Herbert the Timid Dragon says:

    As an old, reclusive gamer, for whom the word nerd would have been kind in comparison to all the other nasty things said to me, I will not be watching this in a theater. I will however, gladly pay for VOD, and when I watch this, I will be surrounded by all my game books, my figures, my dice, some pizza, and a bottle of Mountain Dew. I will drink in the nostalgia and remember the characters I have lost. I will draw back my sleeves and bare the wounds — the critical hits — I have suffered. I will remember the hopeless encounters, the absurd deaths, the wishes that went all too wrong. But I will never shed tears for having not lived a “real” life. Screw you society! [Rolls d20… gets a 9…] I’m taking my dice and going home!

  16. bastien says:

    @Oscar I’d blame Rick Perry and his colleagues for that (mis)conception. Hard to acknowledge art and thinking when they run the state.

  17. Suzanne says:

    In E.T. I’ve always loved that Elliot’s taunt/ dig to his brother is, “Zero charisma!” Burn.

  18. Ryan says:

    A TUESDAY podcast?!

    I’m thrilled, thanks for the extra content!

  19. Oscar says:

    I loved the episode and I’m definitely gonna watch this movie but… can we please stop saying that Austin is in a liberal bubble. San Antonio has a democrat as a mayor and we have an openly gay mayor in Houston. I’m sorry but it’s very annoying that people outside of Texas think Austin is the only city that nurtures art and liberal thinking. There is more to Texas than sxsw and college towns. I’m sorry, it’s just that as a native Texan it’s really tough to hear that all the time.
    Anywho, I love NERDIST, please never stop Nerdisting.

  20. Nichole says:


    I literally almost peed myself at the BIG FAT FACE IN 3D part

  21. Fbergero says:

    Film looks interesting, can’t wait to see it.
    Just by curiosity, anyone in Zero Charisma production as taking inspiration from, or worked on, that video that was made many years ago?

    Even the ‘I bring the beers’ joke came from it…

  22. Tyler says:

    I saw the title and graphic for this and figured it had to be a hostful, so was pretty excited. But I think the idea for the movie is pretty cool, too. Will get to this one just as soon as I finish #417 with Tom Hanks.

  23. Kristoffer says:

    just watched the trailer to Zero Charisma, looks great. The old mom looks like she is going to steal the show! haha