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Episode 317: Nerdist Podcast
Yvette Nicole Brown
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Yvette Nicole Brown

The lovely Yvette Nicole Brown sits down with the guys to talk about R&B groups from the 90’s, going to fancy parties with Twinkie bars, and spirituality!

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  1. Jessica says:

    I love Yvette!!!! I’ve been a fan since Drake & Josh 🙂

  2. Clara Jane says:

    I’m a bit late coming to this but I share the same faith as YNB and I felt very encouraged by her words. I know some other commenters here complain about the religious stuff and applaud Chris for not succumbing to the religiosity of his guest, but I would say Chris and Yvette were very kind to one another. They were simply being honest with who they were. It’s not a competition to see who can change who or who’s right and who’s wrong. So please, I urge both sides not to hate one another. I have a lot of atheist friends. I’ve read Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and others. I read them even when my atheist friends made fun of Jesus and Christianity. I read them as a gesture of peace and so I could understand the world from a different perspective. Please be peacemakers, work to understand one another. Don’t perpetuate ignorance and hate.

  3. Devan says:

    I will say that out of all the celebs/famous people I follow on twitter, Yvette is the one from whom I’ve gotten the most retweets and @replies. Even if it’s just a link to something that references Community or something funny I might think she’d like, I’ve gotten replies from her numerous times, because she genuinely likes engaging with fans. Great person, great episode.

  4. laura h says:

    this show was sweet and uncool and i think one of my favorites. chris, you handled shark-infested religious waters like a humble and precious champ. you all were so graceful. i loved it and ynb is the shit.

  5. Manders says:

    As a member of the probably very small demographic that is evangelical Christians that listen to the Nerdist, I appreciate the hell out of this episode, seriously. Thanks.

  6. tonkybear says:

    LOVED this podcast! one of my favorites! Just a feel good and like you said not in a cheesy way.

  7. MichaelV says:

    I am so impressed with Yvette now. I cannot stand her character, because she shows how judgmental and self-righteous Christians can be. Her real life personality seems to show how good Christians can be. As an atheist, I wish more Christians would focus on how they treat people. I think her character would say I am going to hell, but listening to her, I do not think the same; many of the things that she mentioned I incorporate daily (holding doors, be polite, sir/ma’am, etc.), and I get the impression that she would say that being a good person is all that really matters. Thanks to her for being a positive example; it is refreshing, and gives me some hope.

  8. Suzanne says:

    You’ve got to get Dan Schneider on the podcast to talk about Better Off Dead and Head of the Class.

  9. SweetZombieJesus says:

    Ugh. What’s up next? Giving airtime to homeopathy nerds? How about global warming denying nerds? Anti-evolution nerds? You know, heliocentricity nerds are pretty passionate people.

  10. With all the subjects addressed in this episode that touch on deep spiritual reality and career trajectories, my only comment is:

    Isn’t the “opposite of a jelly doughnut” just jelly on bread?

    Also: the geometry of turning a sphere inside out is incredibly complicated, at least from a mathematical perspective.

    Hmm, I guess I’m talented at taking a perfectly good thing like a jelly doughnut and ruining it with over-analysis.

  11. amysrevenge says:

    Really liked the non-religiony bits of this one.

  12. Paul Childress says:

    Awesome episode. Very different tone but I found it to be fun. I love Yvette Nicole Brown. She is an amazing and positive person.

  13. Patty Marvel says:

    @jesse – ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY BBQ SMOKER! FYI, here’s quick and dirty recipe for pulled BBQ chicken ANYONE can follow.

    1. Put one to three pounds of chicken (whatever cut you like) into a slow cooker.

    2. Pour – I’m not kidding – COKE into the slow cooker until the chicken is completely covered.

    3. Cook that shiat on high for six hours OR low for eight (I go with the later so it simmers will I sleep).

    4. Dump all the liquid out of the slow cooker.

    5. Move chicken to whatever you’re going to serve or store it in and use two forks to pull apart the chicken into itty bitty stings.

    6. Dump as much BBQ sauce on that as your little heart desires (I prefer Sweet Baby Ray’s: ).

    7. Stir/fold/whatever the sauce into the chicken until it it thoroughly coated.

    8. NOSH!

  14. jesse says:

    @patty marvel. please tell me where i can acquire eternal barbecue. it sounds [email protected]#$Ing amazing. that in itself might make religion worth it.

    i would follow this BBQ with a Maple Glazed Boston Creme (from tim horton’s)

    anyway….good show.

  15. MrJeffTaylor says:

    That commercial that Yvette was talking about was for USPS and features a guy, Tim Paul, who is a amazing improviser and comic in Chicago.

  16. Frank says:

    We all have a right to our positions, but religious apologism is a real problem with a real cost to our society, and a real turn-off when I hear it from someone I had given the benefit of the intellectual doubt. Pleas don’t spoil your 95% awesome by including 5% spiritual strychnine.

  17. MisiFaye says:

    being on the east cost waiting for the west cost to wake up REALLY SUCKS! not hating or laying blame just saying so. ugh LMOA

  18. OnmyojiOmn says:

    Counterpart to Pussy Talkin’ Jonah:

    Beard Talkin’ Mira

  19. Jamie Landister says:

    Question, was Chloe Dykstra drunk in the intro?

  20. Patty Marvel says:

    @Tom Steele – I feel you. Being an atheist myself, I’d argue it’s more important for people to be decent to each other precisely because we’re all that we’ve got. And you should be good to other not because some angry Sky Daddy will send you to an eternal BBQ if you’re “bad” *, but because you WANT to, because you prefer to be kind rather than cruel.

    *And what does being “bad” entail? Eating pork on a Friday? Depending on what theology you follow, I’d be as good as damned for that.

  21. Patty Marvel says:

    @Neb – Isn’t the Corner Alley RIGHT NEXT DOOR to a comedy club? Why, I believe it is! Hear THAT, Hardwick?!?!

  22. Tom Steele says:

    I grew up in a home that was more religious than spiritual (but I feel my parents are probably more spiritual now) but I’ve become very skeptical. Now, I wish I could just do Yvette’s simple prayer, and while she was talking about it, I did get behind a car with the license plate URLOVED. Someone who is open to spirituality would see that as a message. The cynic would say it’s just looking for signs and coincidences, much like how cold reading works for psychics.You see what you want to see. But I don’t see why I can’t be a good person just by believing the world is not about me, and that this life is the only life we got, so it should be treated as the precious commodity it is, which is a better way to be kind to people than going around thinking this world is not my home all the time.

  23. @thefretboard says:

    I would love to see someone animate some of the religion/faith/spirituality discussion. Some priceless mumblecore moments, for sure. It was refreshing to hear YNB’s faithful angle on life, to contrast with the hard line that is often drawn on the show by science/logic. This episode is right there along with the Rainn Wilson podcast as one of my favorites. Enjoy your burrito, indeed!