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Episode 386: Nerdist Podcast
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: yeahYUH

Hostful goodness is back! Chris, Matt and Jonah sat down in Canada to talk about their past week at San Diego Comic Con, learning how to not work all the time, and the pronunciation of GIF!

Artwork by Cayden Clark Sata

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  1. Geoff says:

    If you guys are coming to Canada, you absolutely have to come to Vancouver! Matt said so, if there was a chance to do a show in Vancouver, he’d be on ti in a second!

    And when you do come to Canada, Chloe should do an episode of Just Cos by cosplaying hockey players.

  2. Jenn says:

    You should definitely come to Edmonton, Alberta!

  3. Stephen says:

    It turns out choosy graphics creators also choose “JIF.” The creator of the Graphics Interchange Format, Steve Wilhite says that it is pronounced “JIF” not “GIF”. So I say it the way the creator says it.,2817,2419339,00.asp

  4. Sebastian says:

    Misandrist… *snort*

    That’s not even a word.

  5. Drew says:

    So about that Canadian tour… Please do it.

  6. Michel says:

    @Dia I am happy you wrote this, I am a Montrealer and french is my first language and agree with you 100%. And I don’t think it is Toronto the city we hate so much as it is Toronto the hockey team we hate 🙂

  7. Riviera says:

    You guys said you may come across Canada?
    THAT WOULD BE AMAZING! I live in Saskatchewan and have always wanted to see you guys live! If you guys do come around please stop in Regina or Saskatoon. That would be incredible!

  8. Dia says:

    In defence of my city… I love Montreal, and sometimes I feel like it is misunderstood. While nothing said during the podcast was anti-Montreal, there are a couple misconceptions, which, as an anglophone, make me sad.

    If you only go to restaurants, clubs, or even stores, in Downtown Montreal, you are likely to run into assholes. If you head West, or even a little East, on the island, you will find the nicest people who don’t care which language you speak because they are bilingual, trilingual, or more. (polyglots)

    I don’t know if it’s so much francophones looking down on people who’s first language isn’t french, as it is the feeling that if there is anyone living in Quebec, under the age of 50, that doesn’t at least have a basic knowledge, it’s because they are wilfully ignorant.

    We don’t hate everyone, we hate Toronto. Everyone in Canada hates Toronto, it’s fun. I’m sure Toronto hates someone… but no one cares, it’s Toronto.

    Next time you’re headed to my city let me know, and I will give you a list of places you should go. All kinds of food, all kinds of fun. Commenter or Nerdist(er).


  9. rooislangwtf says:

    Who can turn a gap into a gape? My dick (couldn’t help myself and yes my dick is a who not a what).

    @Durakken Are you a troll or do you just not understand jokes?

    • Durakken says:

      @rooislangwtf While it was laughed at, what was being said was not funny when you actually think about what was being said, which is the point of comedy in the first place… to challenge the status quo and laugh at how absurd it is. What was said was supporting the status quo and agreeing that it wasn’t absurd nor was it challenging the status quo.

      I’m not telling them to censor themselves, but that they should think about the implications of what they say is and how hateful it is to say things like “there are three things that men have in common” and all three of them being and all 3 are really quite malicious, on the same level as saying “you should be afraid of someone who is block cuz they’ll rob you” it’s bigoted and it’s not right to say such things especially in the tone that was taken which wasn’t “this absurd to say” but rather that “this is sooo true”

  10. From the corrections department: The airplane was US, and it crashed in Bagram, Afghanistan (cf.

  11. Graham says:

    It’d be delightfully swell if you all came across Canada!!! I live in Northern Alberta and It’d be rad if you came to Edmonton or Calgary!

  12. Patty Marvel says:

    Yeah for Hostfuls! The band is back together! Hurray for comment threads where Jetpack Blues and Three Toes of Fury are making with the funny and the slaying of the stinky ole trolls! These and the free food at work are making my Friday morning!

    BTW, @Zim – If that was a faux troll for comic effect and we misunderstood, maybe the next one should be a little more over-the-top so that’s clearer. Maybe include something like “OMG!!!!111!!EVELENTY!!!” or some such thing. Sarcasm and irony don’t come across as well in writing as they do verbally.

    @Rob S. –

    “Who can turn a gap into a gape?
    Who can turn a tap into a tape?
    A little glob becomes a globe instantly
    If you just add Silent E!”

    Speaking of the Silent E song, I’m still hoping for the day the guy who wrote/performed that is interviewed on this podcast. Yes, this is my one millionth request to have Tom Lehrer on the show. OH! Or maybe he could be a musical guest on @midnight?!?!?! Heck, if Chris Hardwick can keep it together while speaking to Han Solo, surly he can take on an 85-year-old mathematician. For you poor souls who have no idea who I’m talking about, here’s Daniel Radcliffe singing one of his songs:

    Come to think of it, isn’t it time for another Tom Lehrer tribute album/show? The British production of “Tom Foolery” was way back in the 1980s, so I say Team Nerdist should get some celebrities together to record their favorite TL tunes! And if I were a celebrity, I would promptly record one of these: or

    Patty, Who is Lovin’ the Lehrer

  13. Three Toes of Fury says:

    @Nate…thanks for pointing out that @Zim was likely just quoting the podcast.

    @Zim…my appologies if thats the case…it would appear that “in my race for power and glory I forgot one detail…to hook up the doll….AND…to listen to the podcast before mis-understanding a talkback comment.”

    Peace & WOO HOO!! The Comic-con episode hit this morning!!


  14. @WV I was just giving an example of something that’s an actual problem in the world.

  15. WM says:

    @Justin: I don’t care about starving kids in Africa. Kind of a stupid thing to say, really.