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Nerdist Podcast: Wil Wheaton Returns
Episode 609: Nerdist Podcast
Wil Wheaton Returns
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Wil Wheaton Returns

The amazing Wil Wheaton is back! He, Chris and Matt talk about their recent trip to Disneyland for Chris’ birthday, Chris and Wil reminisce about living together in Westwood and get into some nerdy debates!

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  1. Carlos Perez says:

    More Wil Wheaton please, sir!

  2. fannypack says:

    Awesome ep, had me laughing on my drive to work, thanks! 

  3. Mike says:

    what an awesome ep!  great guys and a great convo,

  4. Kelly says:

    So they’re not called “hacks” on Toy Story Midway Mania, they’re considered easter eggs!  Let me know if you want some hints!  (Trust me, I’m not a Main St. Elite trolling)

  5. Ryan Lundblom says:

    Cards Against Humanity is best described as a naughty apples to apples.

  6. Sean says:

    I’m from Minnesota and I guess I’m a hockey nerd. I don’t know why, but every time I hear of a hockey fan from somewhere outside of traditional hockey markets like Canada, Massachusetts, Michigan and Minnesota I feel a similar reaction. “they aren’t REAL hockey fans.” Just any place which doesn’t have a cold winter, like California I am critical of their fans like Wil. I need to get over that, especially if I want hockey get get more popular and for team USA to finally be able to beat those asshole Canadians. 

  7. AJ says:

    So entertaining. I just wish you would post vid. podcasts online, esp. when you have guests like Wil!

  8. AJ says:

    Wish you would post vid podcasts online, esp. when you have guests like Will.

  9. Jeff Dranetz says:

    That’s where Kirk fought the Gorn!!!

  10. I, Gobot says:

    That was a great episode. 

  11. Brian says:

    If you call SCSI *Skuzzy*, then you better call GIF *Jiff*. It’s the same precedent. It’s not a Grammar thing, it’s a computer science thing–you wouldn’t understand. 

  12. JetpackBlues says:

    I wish I were friends with these guys for real, not just by the idea in my head and through consuming what they produce.

  13. Wraith says:

    Nerd vs Geek. Hmmm. I think part of the reason that there are people that call other people “fake” nerds or “fake” geeks is because they have a chip on their shoulder about what they consider to be their initiation into nerd-dom. There were kids who were relentlessly picked on for being a computer programmer, a ham radio operator, a Trekkie, a Tolkien fan, a DnD player, a etc. It wasn’t easy being a nerd/geek in the 80s. Those people, now seeing how mainstream geek culture is are frustrated by those who can just say “I’m a geek! I like Dr. Who!” and are embranced. It’s kinda like a weekend biker claiming to be a Hell’s Angel. I admit, I’m guilty of having the chip on my shoulder to, and am trying to sand it down. 

  14. Tom says:

    Disney Motorcycle Club: “Belle’s Angels”

  15. Dimpl says:

    Did you come across a Disney cat?

  16. farleyk says:

    Two things:The podcasts are all available right here, for example, the first Wil visit is
    Second, based upon a scientific sampling of all the people on this podcast, the difference between a Nerd and a Geek is their pronunciation of “GIF”.

  17. Puja says:

    I could be a fly on the wall of this podcast forever! I am your invisible BFF Chris and Wil!

  18. Kandee says:

    I refer to myself as a dork, but to me it is essentially the same thing…nerd, geek, dork. Loved this whole episode. I love to hear people truly having fun together.

    • Brian says:

      You know a Dork is a whale’s penis, right? It originally meant a jerk who’s being a *big dick*. Maybe you shouldn’t be calling yourself a dork.

  19. Louie says:

    Weird. They briefly talk about the Star Trek: TNG episode, “The Dauphin,” and now, the day after this was posted, that very same episode is on BBCA.

  20. Maria @LaughtAndLived says:

    Hahahaha, did Hardwick just say “I’m a princess”? No wonder he protest so much when being called a king. He simply wants to be called by his correct titel ;-). This was such a joy to listen to. Lots of laughter but also much thought worthy stuff. Thanks guys, you made my tuesdag ๐Ÿ™‚ 

  21. Wildride says:

    The pronunciation of some largely obsolete image format couldn’t be less important.  That being said, Wil is right and Chris is wrong.

  22. GamerGater says:

    at 41 minutes in Wil Wheaton says “i think its okay to be diamettrically opposed to someones view points and not be a dick about it” but he has been nothing but a cunt all throughout #gamergate by calling everyone “dudebro assholes” and jerk offs etc etc etc, while refusing to actually CONSIDER that its maybe about ethics in journalism. Wil Wheaton has broken his own rule, and is a jack off now a days. Also. What he said about Adam Baldwin is NOT true. There is literally no evidence.

    In addition, he says people who “sea lion others” are wrong and that its harassment, but he literally admits to doing just that right at 43:10

    • Sheila says:

      I just looked online and found a slew of incidents of Adam Baldwin being a jerk.

    • Michael Trevino says:

      If you’re about ethics in journalism, really about ethics in journalism, the best bet would to be cut your losses and not hitch your cart to this particular train. It has devolved to rape and death threats, to a point that mimics a child sticking their fingers in their ears and going, “Nananananananana.”

      • KnightFire says:

        Funny people like you keep going on and on about #GamerGate being about “rape and death threats” yet there isn’t one single piece of proof supporting that.

        The true smokescreen is that #GamerGate is about harassing and hating women.  

        Maybe give the “Listen & Believe” nonsense a rest and actually take the time to see what’s really going on.

    • Earlgreyhot says:

      “while refusing to actually CONSIDER that its maybe about ethics in journalism.” Ah yes, ethics in journalism. One bitter ex-boyfriend who launches an unfounded attack on his ex and the person who reviewed her game, followed by dudebros launching misogynistic attacks on women that involve threats of rape and death. How dare Wheaton not take in account the perspective of people who think it’s okay to threaten women. Oh, and Baldwin is a piece of shit. You can easily google and find out.

    • English Dave says:

      Since when has “ethics in game journalism” even been an issue in of itself? This is not some righteous crusade against indentured global corruption, it’s a bit of a smokescreen. Maybe there are some people who are genuinely concerned about this “issue”, as threadbare as it sounds. But you think they’d have the common sense to therefore disassociate themselves from the GamerGate tag which is now rancid and toxic, and reeks ironically of just the kind of corruption that its supporters claim to be upset about. No logic.

      And Adam Baldwin is a misogynist prick.

    • BassBone says:

      Because it’s not about ethics in games journalism at all. It’s a bunch of fucksticks finding a new way to be terrible towards women. Anyone who truly is concerned about “ethics in games journalism” is being fooled by this particular “movement.”

    • SammichMissile says:

      Go away.

  23. BassBone says:

    Wil is correct about Adam Baldwin being a monumental piece of shit. Fuck that guy.

  24. ThisGuyRightHere says:

    No one acknowledged Wil’s self referential train joke ๐Ÿ™ … ๐Ÿ˜€

    Also, when Chris was talking about people proclaiming him “King of the nerds,” all I could think of was this:

  25. DG says:

    Thank goodness this podcast is intact on here, cause it had some REALLY weird audio mixup on iTunes.

  26. Jim says:

    The word play with the G and J were great. It was really good to hear old friends have fun.

  27. Gene says:

    I rejected the idea of a fake nerd… until Olivia Munn came along.

  28. Matchstick says:

    I have always viewed ‘Nerd’ as an intellectual perspective and “Geek’ as an emotional one.

    I am a Tolkien Nerd because I know a great deal about the legendarium (knowing and using the term ‘Legendarium’, for example).

    I am a Tolkien Geek because I get ridiculously excited by experiencing Middle-Earth in movies, books, toys, rpgs, etc.

    I always enjoy the podcasts when Hardwick is less an interviewer and sort of becomes a guest himself.

    I also enjoy that his own websites comment field doesn’t auto-accept the spelling of his name…

  29. Chris C says:

    When it comes to the fake nerd/gamer person thing, I don’t enjoy it, but I think of it as a person being an actor. They create a persona that likes something that they’re not really in to in order to be famous and/or make money. Not always a terrible thing, but people dont always like being pandered to if the person is doing it for monetary gain rather than enjoyment. 

  30. English Dave says:

    Really enjoying this one. So glad that Wil calls out Adam Baldwin, for that man is a monumental tool.

  31. Greg says:

    These planets need to align more often!  Great show.  (…and I need to comment here on the Nerdist site more often!)

  32. GlumChum says:

    That, was greatly enjoyable.
    Thank you.

  33. Amanda says:

    Wow, I use to think the same thing about “This Song is just six words long”  But the song is called, “This Song’s just six words long.”