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Episode 433: Nerdist Podcast
Tom Hiddleston
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Tom Hiddleston

Chris sits down with the lovely Tom Hiddleston to talk about how he formed the character of Loki, growing up in the UK, and the stages a British actor takes to becoming a wizard!

See Tom in Thor: The Dark World, out in theaters this Friday, November 8th!

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  1. Lee says:

    Thank you!

  2. cardsfanbj says:


  3. Lizzie says:

    I actually…
    I just…
    At the end, when he did the ‘enjoy your burrito’ thing… oohhhmagadddd.

  4. Emily says:

    this was amazing! XD loved it

  5. Deegan says:

    Wonderful podcast. The Loki “Enjoy Your Burrito” was fantastic but I think the Loki/Forest Gump movie would be top notch and Marvel should get right on that now now now.

  6. Lisaj says:

    Sorry guys, but I think this podcast was better without Matt and Jonah, because I have a feeling that the period conversation would have quickly turned into menstruation jokes had they been there.

  7. Andy says:

    Tom Hiddlestone’s voice is simply bliss :’) :*

  8. Kathy says:

    I live down the street from Disneyland. Been to the Thor exhibit….Annual Passholders gotta see the Thor Exhibit in Disneyland’s Innoventions first,plus we gotta see Thor:The Dark World before it came out for free! The exhibit is awesome! Love Loki’s helmet 🙂 was great..

  9. Jessica says:

    Another wonderful episode Chris, I only wish it was longer. One question I do have is this one: are all British men with glorious cheekbones just perfect and charming gentlemen? 🙂

  10. Jeffery Keown says:

    Tim at the Motley Fool just talked up this interview and the Nerdist generally on his video about Thor: The Dark World today. I hope for more exposure for Chris and Company…

  11. Mezzaomega says:

    OH MY GOD. A DOCTOR WHO CROSSOVER WITH LOKI. …. please. I’ll kneel for a whole 24 hours, I’ll join the Loki army in taking over the world (not that Loki hasn’t already taken over the worlds of millions of fangirls) PLEASE DO IT PLEASE DO IT nnngh this is my favourite podcast ever

  12. Katherine says:

    I’m with Anne. Terribly jealous of his fluency in French. I’m so bad at foreign languages. It’s a deficiency. However, it’s inspired me to get back to studying Spanish and French again. I should at least be able to talk like a 3-year-old in both if I try really hard, right?

  13. Hi! I would like to find the title of a song played in this episode, where can I find the music credits please?
    Thank you!

  14. primadonna911 says:

    The Loki “Enjoy your burrito” just made me yell OH MAH GAWD MY VAGINA

  15. Grace says:

    oh my god, he wants to do a romantic comedy. this guy really wants all his fangirls to /die/

  16. Allysen Ross says:

    well, I think I found my favorite Nerdist Podcast.

  17. anne brown says:

    So, my ovaries are chill, but I did feel super jealous when he spoke french. I want to do the things. I want to do all the things.

  18. Christine says:

    I had to build a submarine from scratch and then sleep in it because I flooded my room when Tom started speaking French. Bring him back.

  19. Dana says:

    Tom Hiddleston is brilliant. I could have listened to him talk all day. Wish it would’ve been a longer one! Please invite him back 😀