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Episode 178: Nerdist Podcast
They Might Be Giants
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: They Might Be Giants

Chris hangs out with the Johns (Linnell and Flansburgh) in Santa Cruz before their show to talk about They Might Be Giants, podcasting and creating music that cannot be categorized.

art by zSquid

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  1. Sweendiggitydog says:

    SO. GOOD.  Thanks!

  2. reid nystrom says:

    toy car record player

  3. Dale says:

    “Music that cannot be categorized” sounds like a category and therefore wrong for TMBG. Just sayin’. Great interview! Thanks.

  4. Daniel says:

    Great podcast (as per usual) but must say that I spent a fair amount of time with the volume way too loud trying to listen to Jonathan Coulton over the great conversation. Definitely heard Je Suis Rick Springfield. Long story short, I’d love it if you got JoCo on especially for another musical special as I still go back to listen to the first one and I just want more great comedy/nerd music!

  5. Amanda says:

    Best hour of nerd-porn ever. I’m all for shilling at the top of the show, this way I can afford to digitize all my old comedy albums. And you must call Tom Lehrer. Now.

  6. Patty Marvel says:

    Please interview Tom Lehrer!!!!

  7. Evan says:

    i really, really, really, REALLY LOVE the podcast but if you are going to have someone making marker sounds or writing sounds or what ever i heard throughout the entire interview then I cant listen… I know… it’s just me, but that writing sound is like nails on a chalkboard for me. It’s on par with people eating on podcasts which also gets under my skin. It sucks that my first comment is a complaint but ive listened to every single episode and this was the first i had to turn off. I hope to turn this into a noodle story and move on with my life. with that said, I wanna mention TMBG does it like a boss!

  8. Lucy says:

    TMBG? Yes! Thank you for making my Monday morning awesome!

  9. Carl says:

    Aaaagh! Being born in 1980, I grew up with TMBG! I can sing along with practically every song from Lincoln, Flood, Apollo 18, John Henry, and Factory Showroom!

  10. Ken C says:

    Podcast great. Intro ads painless – even FUN. TMBG and Plaitt heroes of the kooky. Matt Mira is perhaps gassy, needs burping. Jonah is the brother in wish I had. Chris is the hub of enthusiasm and likability. I’ve listened to every second of every show at least once and two live shows in person. Nerdist Empire rising. Can I pull the lever on Alderan when you build Nerdstar? Do I get goofy helmet with huge visor?

  11. Chris Bell says:

    As one voice among far too many, I appreciate the intros. You always try to make it entertaining on some level and it’s a cheap trade-off for an hour of good.

    I’ve heard TMBG in several interviews now and they are always entertaining. I wouldn’t mind hearing these guys do their own podcast about stuff in general.

    Oh, and Dad is great. He give us the chocolate cake.

  12. corinne says:

    My dad had one of those bus record player things… scratches your records an unfortunate amount. Still kiiinda cool though.

  13. Meagan says:

    Guys….I just found an article on NPR about a new fitness app. If you’ve not already heard about it…. it’s called Zombie, Run!
    ” The premise of “Zombies, RUN!” is simple: you are “Runner 5″ set out on a mission to collect supplies and accomplish different objectives in a post-apocalyptic world. The app takes you through 13 audio missions, all which feature an ongoing story that you are an active part of and that involves the occasional zombie chase”.

  14. Three Toes of Fury says:

    Jo….I too was home-schooled on Fat Albert….and i must say that to this day i still question the institutions choice of putting Professor Mush-mouth in charge of the speech therapy program.

    conjunction junction…whatssss your function….hoookin up verbs and phrases and clauses!

    Peace & Sittin here on capitol hill,


  15. Jo says:

    Perchance on the podcast? That would be awesome! 🙂
    My previous comment may have seemed a bit negative…but I wanted to be clear I have the utmost respect for Dr. Cosby. I was home-schooled and Fat Albert was one of the few shows my mom encouraged us to watch…that and School House Rocks! 🙂

  16. Chris Hardwick says:

    Whether or not Cosby wrote a dissertation, I totally believe that he deserved the distinction. Also, no matter what, one could argue that “Himself” was an EXCELLENT dissertation on human behaviorism.

    I really hope I get to see him live some day…

  17. Jo says:

    I thought Bill Cosby earned his doctorate too…but after a little Google-ing, I’m not so certain. But I would say at least he is someone who has respect in the black community trying to improve it.

  18. Nora says:

    Bill Cosby earned his Ed.D. in 1978. Earned, I tell you. He wrote a dissertation and everything.

  19. Three Toes of Fury says:

    Lets just take a quick look at my bucket list….

    5) See the Monkees in concert…check.

    4) Disprove the Mikey-died-via-pop-rocks-and-coke rumors by repeating experiment on self….check.

    3) Live long enough to see someone try and adapt The Watchmen…check.

    2) Build replica Tom Servo…check.

    1) Make Chris H laugh to return the favor of the countless laughs he’s brought me…….check and mate!

    Chris…thanks for the props, made my day. And thanks again for what you are continually doing to bring we nerdists together…its fan-friggin-tastic.



  20. Joe R says:

    Thats so cool that they mentioned shooting star one of my friends Uncle was in Shooting Star!

  21. Mistletoe says:

    AV Club is a cesspool. There’s a really easy solution to the issue of having to listen to plugs at the top of the show.

    Fast fucking forward.

  22. Bertrand russel says:

    For some reason, the filename ends in “_1.mp3” – I didn’t download doubles, so I’m wondering: is there more to come?

    Have been listening to Flood for the last 2 months again for the first time in years. TMBG FTW!

  23. Tom Steele says:

    You guys mentioned Firesign Theater, and then Peter Bergman just died. Maybe you guys need to stop bringing up Tom Lehrer:(

  24. Junior says:

    who the hell complains about listening to Chris’s sweet voice at the beginning of the podcast?!?!

    this is a free podcast who is soon coming out with a free app with no ads. enjoy the gift that is Nerdist! and stop bitching!

  25. Chris Hardwick says:


  26. three toes of fury says:

    Was Istanbul now Chris-tantanople!

    Make a little nerdhouse in your soul!

    Hardwickle Man (#bad-attempt-to-pun-Particle-man)

  27. Chris Hardwick says:

    @Dave: I believe that goes up next Wed!

  28. Dave says:

    When is the Dan Harmon SF Sketchfest Nerdist going up?

  29. Michelle says:

    okay, so seriously, get out of my ipod! Wilco, Cake, They might be giants, Lehrer; what an amazing list of guests you guys have had. i am always entertained listening you and Matt and Jonah, but this transcends. and thanks for phil plait, i refreshed a lot of that side of my brain with that. thank you, thank you.

  30. highwyre237 says:

    Alright nerdist… I feel violated…

    Ben Folds, Wilco, Cake, AND NOW? TMBG… honestly, stop penetrating my music vagina…

  31. clivodimars says:

    so many music themed casts as of late! this pleases clivo…

  32. Sharon says: