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Episode 275: Nerdist Podcast
The Wachowskis and Tom…
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: The Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer

Andy and Lana Wachowski (The Matrix) and Tom Tykwer (Run Lola Run) come on the show to talk about their new movie Cloud Atlas! They talk about the different steps in adapting a book into a movie and we find out the real reason why British people are skeptical to be in American films!

*Warning! There are mild spoilers for the movie in this podcast! However if you do see the movie, this ep is a fantastic companion piece!

Cloud Atlas, is in theaters today, October 26th

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  1. Shelli says:

    Re-listening to this podcast; 2 years later it’s still fresh and poignant. Chris, thank you so much for leaving it here for us.

    Wouldn’t it be amazing if the Wachowkis did a movie for Robert A. Heilein’s Stranger in a Strange Land? They could really do the subject matter and imagery justice.

  2. dethcube says:

    what was the foreign movies lana recommended?

  3. Cindy says:

    Great guests. I think the host is a little strange….lacking some class with the ‘oh shit. oh fuck’ …. just seems like his energy wasn’t a match to the guests

  4. George says:

    Fantastic podcast – I’d read the book and watched the film. Hearing the Wachowskis and Tykwer discuss the film, book, etc. made for a great post movie-viewing experience. It’s such a shame more people haven’t gone to see ‘Cloud Atlas,’ one of the most incredible, ground-breaking films I’ve ever seen.

  5. Molly says:

    Loved this podcast and loved this movie. You are in the presence of angels when you listen to this

  6. doodlyboy15 says:

    Just wanted to say I started listening to the episode and became interested in what Cloud Atlas was. It looked interesting from what I saw in a trailer so i went and saw it, after about an hour of combing the theatre for pieces of my brain, I got back in my car and resumed listening to the episode. I am always interested in things I hear in the podcast and look forward to listening to them. I was and still am surprised that I have heard so little about the movie and will recommend that people go see it. Certainly one of my favorite burritos!

  7. Blaine says:

    I have given positive regard to past podcasts, so I feel comfortable in saying that this one really felt forced in promoting this pretty mediocre movie. Lana was expounding on topics like a shallow Cali New Ager: My friend, who had the same opinion on this one (but loved the podcast as I do usually) nailed it: “There aren’t any words in her words!” In the psych biz, we call it ‘paucity of content’. I *know* what she was trying to say and I *get it* but no.

  8. Coral says:

    I have to say this is one of the most interesting episodes of the Nerdist. Totally made my day at work. It’s so awesome to hear people talk about things they are passionate about 🙂 You’ve been putting out some exceptional episodes lately!

  9. Martha says:

    Any chance one of the interns could list materials referenced and publish them on the Podcast page? I’m not able to write down all the books, movies, and TV shows the guests reference when I listen to the podcast, and it would be a big help when I try to track them down. Some of the books and that Swedish director (what was his name, grrr) are going on the to-do list.

  10. Scarab says:

    I’ll admit, I’m definitely not the most artistic person, but I understand subtext and metaphor and things like that… and still, some of the things that were said during this podcast sounded SO pretentious to me.

  11. Gary says:

    I would love to hear a recording of Lana expounding her views on art, humans, etc. About an hour long with no interruptions would be fine. I really admire people who don’t just speak off the cuff but have clearly thought long and hard about the topics they speaking on. Great episode.

  12. Michelle says:

    i too was totally thinking “Connections”. and when you said
    burke, i said burke. thanks for that, man, i loved that show. connections 2 too. good stuff.

  13. “Its all connected” – I like the story of how Lana and Tom found each other though they didn’t really elaborate too much on it. Seeing into the parallels of their art etc…

    Then Chris at the end in his hamfisted way trying to manufacture a connection with Amy Allegretti. Hoping it all connects for you…

  14. Khaldor says:

    I was gonna say alot about episode 29, vajonah, and other things that might be wrong, BUT; When are you gonna have Eddie Izzard on? The awesome might tear the universe apart, but go on! It Will be a fittimg end! Where the fudge is my whiskey?!

  15. Vincent S says:

    I had this strong feeling that one of the directors didn’t want to be there at the start but as the conversations got going he sound like he really enjoyed himself. Good Job, Chris.

    I’m still torn whether I want to watch this movie just because it “feels” pretentious… I might just have watched the trailers differently or I just need to take the plunge and just enjoy it for what ever it is. Either way, I’ll be watching when it hits Australia.

  16. Rick says:

    Very well done with fascinating insights into these very creative minds. Never ceases to amaze me that such a great discussion can bring out the haters – they just can’t stand it when things don’t fall into line as they want it to be. My compliments on a great podcast, Chris. I’ll be going out to see Cloud Atlas very soon.

  17. Ali says:

    I had a significantly higher opinion of the Wachowskis before listening to this podcast.

  18. Matt says:

    I found Lana’s voice hard to listen to. Couldn’t finish the podcast because of it.

  19. gary bravender says:

    Love the podcasts so much wish you could video tape (Do people still use tape?)all the episodes as well .

  20. Patty Marvel says:

    @Chris Hardwick – “Death to King George!”
    Jeez, way to make it political! Next thing you know, the podcast will support women’s suffrage or some such thing. Don’t you know voting is bad for their lady bits?!?! [This message brought to you by the Neo-Puritan Party.]

    But seriously, I dug the podcast and have just requested the Playaways of Stephen Greenblatt’s “The Swerve: How the World Became Modern” and Ray Kurzweil’s “How to Create a Mind: The Secret of Human Thought Revealed” based on Lana Wachowski’s recommendations.

    I was also nodding when Wachowski said – and I listened to her say it three times to make sure I got the quote right – “The internet and technology has been one of the great sources of the acceleration of overcoming our terror of otherness.” SO true! On the one hand, the internet can show us how much crazy and hate is out there (see any “OMG OBAMA WAS BORN IN KENYA”–type blog), but more importantly it can help put a face on a person or an issue that would otherwise be completely foreign to the viewer in every sense of the word. The internet allows the user to see that someone in Bangladesh has some of the same hopes and fears as the person sitting in front of this computer in Cleveland, Ohio. This is why I envy the nerd kids growing up today. They not only learn more about other people from the comfort/safety of their own homes, but they can find others LIKE themselves with similar hobbies and whatnot and learn that, no, they’re not WEIRD, there are thousands of other humans out there who share their love of science fiction or experimental music or whatever else people in their immediate circles are not into. The internet is not “good” or “bad” in and of itself, but it is an amazing tool for anyone with an open mind to use for the best reasons.

    FYI to everyone else, Netflix has the 1970s episodes of “Connections,” but I didn’t see the more modern ones.

    P.S. I hope I see any updates on this thread because I’ve noticed there’s a LOT of Nerdist stuff I was subscribed to that is no longer showing up in my in-box and I know of two other people with this same problem.

    P.P.S. Sorry this post is so darn long. I get that way when I gush.

  21. Just_brent says:

    Chris, I have up til now never commented on but I feel I must release my nerdly powers (in this case words) and salute you sir!!! Honestly I have watched ALL of your specials, been devouring ALL of your podcasts and ANYTHING you are connected with I find (in some way or another). You have truly changed my life and I am thankful to be part of a (previously) secret coven where I can gush about all the nerdy things I am interested in. The podcasts just keep getting better and better. Thank you Chris, Jonah and Matt.

  22. Xeroz says:

    Crap, I think ‘most’ of my last post ( # 22 ) in the previous podcast w/ Darren Bousman, on the topic of art, would have fit the topics discussed in this ep. better. But, No, I’m not going to copy/paste it here. If you want to read it, you know where to find it.

    Oh well, really enjoyed the episode.

  23. Devin says:

    Great ‘Cast all around. Beautiful , fascinating conversation about subjects they all clearly love. Lana is a dream to listen too. Her vocabulary alone made me feel lazy. I vowed to resort to sarcasm less and to expand my own vocabulary. She’s quite impressive and her obvious love for the artistic mediums she creates within is contagious. I have a new favorite for my top favorite people.
    Thanks Chris, for having these brilliant , natural educators on your ‘Cast. I love that people won’t beable to help learning something new and maybe even have their very thought processes changed along the way. Thanks again, Devin

  24. Bob says:

    I was not expecting such a wonderfully heady and philosophical discussion, but I guess I should have. Really great interview, Lana is just amazing.

  25. Scott S says:

    Lana has some interesting ideas, but every now and then she could give an answer that doesn’t meander all over, and now and then answers the question. And deconstruction wasn’t the problem I had with the Matrix sequels, the fact they seemed more like usual action movies than the first one was my problem.

    I was a little disappointed this was mostly focused on Cloud Atlas, instead of general talk like we usually get on Nerdist. The Wachowski’s sound like they’d be more open to that than doing press junkets. This was better than just pushing a current project, but a bit more focused than most Nerdist.

  26. Jessica says:

    This was an awesome podcast! I rarely feel compelled to comment but this one hit me as strongly as the show with your dad (for different reasons of course). I love when an artist talk about the nature of art and gives their perspective on artwork in general. These sorts of conversations rarely seem to happen once one leaves school and it is always energizing to get to experience them. I can’t wait to see Cloud Atlas now that I have heard the Wachowskis and Tom speak and look forward to reading the book after!

  27. Eddy says:

    oh wow I forgot Larry was now Lana. That was kind of weird.

  28. Amy Leedham says:

    I had the chance to see a pre-screening on Tuesday, and it was PHENOMENAL. My brain hurt in such a good way afterwards, it was beautifully adapted from the novel, and it’s nice to finally have an intelligent film. Great job all around

  29. Kadiem says:

    Am I the only one that keeps hearing “Get To Da Choppa!” in my head while listening to this German director?

  30. Fancy Feast says:

    Hi Louie,

    If you’ve read the book then there won’t be any spoilers for you since you are familiar with the non linear narrative style (slightly tweaked in the film) and the plot.

    And the film is fantastic by the way. Loved the book and am amazed they were able to translate it into a unique film.


  31. Louie says:

    I am 50 pages (yup, actual pages) from finishing the book. – How mild are the spoilers? Would I already know them since I’ve read the book? I just want to listen to this pod right away, and I have no idea when I will see the film.

  32. Overlord says:

    Chris, I know you guys talked about comics in the last pod but I wanted to get in on a fresh thread to appeal to you. I can’t recommend enough “Y The Last Man” by Brian K Vaughn. It’s the most addicting comic series since The Walking Dead in my humble opinion. It is essential reading. It’s collected in about 10 trade paperbacks which seems like a lot but will seem all too short when you’re on the last book. I know there is more great entertainment out there right now then you have time to consume but you should atleast put it somewhere on your to do list.

  33. DD Picks says:

    I haven’t read the book, and know nothing about this premise, but I love The Matrix and Run Lola Run. I’m definitely seeing this tomorrow. Great timing with these hot pods.