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Episode 383: Nerdist Podcast
The Conjuring
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: The Conjuring

Actors Lili Taylor, Ron Livingston and director James Wan from the new movie The Conjuring sit down with the guys to talk about their experiences making the film, how James got into directing horror films, and what it’s like to be parent and actor!

See The Conjuring in theaters this Friday, July 19th!

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  1. Caf Comics says:

    Jeez Lili, what a voice… hot.

  2. Mark says:

    This was the first horror movie I went to see in a long time. It wasn’t because of the podcast, though. For some reason, I was just in the mood for a horror movie. It didn’t disappoint. It was a bit of a cookie cutter haunted house movie, but that is exactly what I was in the mood for. This isn’t to say that it was boring. It wasn’t. There were several choices made by the director and the writer that made it interesting. I was just satisfied at the end of the movie. At the same time there were some loose ends that didn’t get wrapped up, but they were the right loose ends. What I mean by that is that they didn’t ruin the experience and left me thinking about a few things. It was just a satisfying movie. This coming from someone that doesn’t watch a lot of horror.
    There are horror movie nerds. I often see this overlooked in the nerd community. I am really happy this podcast came out. Before I even read the comments, I thought this was a perfect podcast. I didn’t think that this was Chris bowing to sponsorship pressure. I think he genuinely wanted to bring this side of nerdom as it is interesting. I’m not a horror movie nerd, but I certainly appreciate that side of things. These are genuinely interesting people and the fact that Chris already knew these people is great.

  3. Steve says:

    “The Jigsaw is killer is basically dark McGuyver”

    His name is Murdoc. Geez, pull from the deep cuts guys.

  4. Christopher says:

    Seems to be some sturm und angst here…I rather enjoyed this podcast because it had people on it who I really haven’t been exposed to before.

    Rather than looking at the Nerdist podcasts as media junkets or anything like that, to me it’s more of a big social experiment.

    Since I’m forced due to my job/employer to live in the Big Dumb South (yes, there are states worth of it), I may not get exposure to things people in the real parts of ‘Merica get to experience.

    I also like the fact that Jeff Bridges or others (the actors/director above) may have done other media, but that this is an hour+ of *talking* about anything and everything that you just don’t can’t get into today’s 24 hour twitverse news cycle, where no one can be bothered to even digest something for a hour or 42.

    For the TL;DR crowd: More Nerdist podcasts please! OMG STAMPS.COM!!!111!!!

  5. notadoctor says:

    This is the memory book that Lili was talking about is this:

    My friend told me about it and swears that the “memory place” technique really works. The awesome BBC Sherlock references this as well.

  6. Adrian says:

    I love Charles Grodin’s scene in So I Married An Axe Murderer! It might have been the best part of the movie!!

  7. Ethan says:

    I think this whole argument was a red herring so Chris could subtly jab Ron Livingson:

    “James is a NICE GUY. Lili used to be in a group of folks with me who would regularly karaoke together in LA. She is NICE. Ron and I have mutual friends and they are NICE. ”

    Ron I have your back!

  8. Jake says:


    People are more likely to come on a podcast like this if they are actively promoting something. In long-form interviews though, a good interviewer is able to both promote and then dig deeper. I think Chris has proven he’s pretty darn capable of that.

  9. Spencer says:

    Micheal Cane; a hurricane of guys named Micheal

  10. Glen says:

    So Nerdist has pretty much become like every talk show on the planet and is now a plug fest, basically?

  11. Tyler says:

    Re: Replicating printers… the first 3D printer I remember hearing about was probably 5-6 years ago and was designed with specifically the goal of self-replicating in mind. Still requires human intervention to be assembled, but kind of fascinating nonetheless:

  12. Jon says:

    We’re taping cats to Jonah?? He already gets all of the pussies everywhere he goes and now we’re just encouraging him?!? Craziness.

  13. Thomas says:


  14. Limer Rick says:

    Wait wait. I got another one.

    There once was a young man named Aaron,
    Who learned the word “troll” is a gerund,
    For although he did troll,
    He had a good soul,
    Just don’t pull that bullshit on Marc Maron.

  15. Sarah Zombie says:

    I love movies. I love podcasts. i love nerdist. i love lilly taylor. I love horror. Again, i loved this edition. Go horror. go hardwick. also- more hostfulls! enjoying your burrito(s)…

  16. Limer Rick says:

    There once was a young man named Aaron,
    Who had Hardwick’s temper a’flarin’,
    He found, for his blunder,
    His cheeks torn asunder,
    As his new asshole Hardwick was tearin’.

    Eh? Eh? [BAD JOKE EEL]

  17. Aaron says:


    I truly did not mean anything I wrote to be taken as trolling. My first comment does come across accusatory. I really was just not self-editing very well because I didn’t give it all that much thought (and also didn’t think in the slightest that I would be taken to internet court, rightfully so, by Chris).

  18. Arabrabbra says:

    I have to say, I feel bad for Chris. He takes this stuff way to seriously and works way to hard/much! Slow down Chris, don’t READ these comments! They will eat your soul and steal your youth! You know who YOU are and what Nerdist is and THAT is what matters. Hold that close and let this other crap wash over you. Take your stunningly gorgeous girlfriend on a NON WORKING holiday and enjoy your wonderful success! Leave the trolls to stew under the bridge! PS Aaron, troll comment not 100% directed at you, Chris always replies to the trolls. LOVE NERDIST! Thanks for the awesome podcast. Life dream was to work in the entertainment industry so a peak into the workings is always fascinating for me. Thanks again!

  19. JetpackBlues says:

    And take it from someone who ignorantly, and unintentionally, stuck his foot in his mouth in the last thread, realize that we’re in the middle of summer movie season! It’s also Comic Con week! Podcasts related to movies coming out may not necessarily be plugs!

    You sometimes hear discussions of “When will this go up?”

    “Probably right around the time you’re thing premieres, it’ll be a great companion for people to enjoy before/after seeing it.”

    One can learn from their mistakes if they stop being a keyboard cowboy.

    With all that’s going on (COTF, recording several podcasts a day, Comic Con panels galore), hopefully everyone is appreciative of the fact that things are still being put up for us this week.

    Thanks Chris & Nerdist.

  20. Mister New York says:

    In the interview, James mentions being given him the title of “grandfather of torture porn”. While I agree that the media’s need to compartmentalize and label is limiting, surely it is the far inferior imitators to the original “Saw” and their ilk who led to the title more than the media, much in the same way that John Carpenter’s “Halloween”, which is a masterpiece, is sort of considered the “godfather of slasher films” and thus diminished by the imitators that have tried to copy and steal from the original director’s vision. You could even make the same analogy with “Jaws” and inferior ripoffs like “Sharknado”. While the media has many wrongs, in the instance of that title, I think it is remiss not to lay some blame on those who did the disservice of trying to steal/copy James’ original vision.

  21. Axel-san says:


  22. Wildride says:

    Can’t we all just get along — And tape a few more cats to Jonah. Seriously, the back of one of his legs is almost entirely cat free.

  23. Joshua says:

    Mr. Hardwick, I think you just proved yourself worthy of being the Twelfth Doctor. Just send in this comment chain to Steven Moffat and you’re good.

  24. Aaron says:

    Point taken.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond.

    Also, if I’m to be taken to task for my statements, you should be as well. Being made of farts is a serious condition that affects literally dozens of us. Comments like that are my least favorite thing on the internet.

  25. chris hardwick says:

    @Aaron: Apology completely accepted but I think if you go back and read the tone of the comment, it was accusatory, like we were being shifty and trying to take advantage of something which is why a couple of us reacted the way we did. I didn’t get that you were a fan of anything we do, so I’m sorry if I missed that initially. I think if you listen regularly you know that we’re never trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes. We’re just making stuff that revolves around things that interest us. This was one of those things. There’s no master plan for world domination and/or nerd subjugation. Well maybe just a LITTLE of the former, but not too much to be oppressive! πŸ™‚

    Ok tiff over. Enjoy your night!

  26. GuanoLad says:

    Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but I found this episode to be fascinating and very entertaining; I love it when anyone talks about the process of making stuff, it’s something you don’t hear about very often on other media.

  27. Aaron says:

    I always say, you’re not entitled to your opinion, you’re entitled to your well-founded opinion. I obviously didn’t follow my own advice.

    I’m bummed out for bringing negativity to you and the Nerdist community.


  28. Aaron says:


    I apologize if some of the things I said were misinformed. Even when mentioning things of that nature, I was trying to be respectful and complimentary of you and Nerdist Industries as a whole. I’ve bought your book, paid for episodes of the BBC show thru Amazon even when I could get it free through Comcast, I’ve attended live shows. I clearly am a fan and put my money behind you guys because I like what you do.


  29. chris hardwick says:

    @Aaron: comments like that are my least favorite thing about the Internet. Truly. Wholly apocryphal yet you’re SURE you know what you’re talking about and use it to be insulting. Well, you’re wrong. You’re just wrong. I’m insulted that you’re insulted. I had them on because I moderated their panel at NYCC. James is a NICE GUY. Lili used to be in a group of folks with me who would regularly karaoke together in LA. She is NICE. Ron and I have mutual friends and they are NICE. That is why I agreed to do this. And I liked the movie.

    FURTHERMORE, you have no understanding whatsoever about how WB/Legendary works. If you DID, you would know that they are completely separate companies and merely partner on films. Legendary is OWNED by Thomas Tull, not Warner Brothers. The Conjuring is NOT one of their partner films and they have no vested interest in it whatsoever. If you had bothered to use this neat thing called “Google” before you started typing, you’d know that Legendary is moving to a partnership with Universal next year. Your complete and willful ignorance of ANY facts along with your terse rudeness make you the most irritating sort and are representative of one of the biggest problems with online culture. It’s the “Here’s how it is” mentality when you have no actual involvement in or information about the thing your soapboxing but you don’t let that deter you from attacking or being affronted. Also, this was a free podcast of which we post a lot and you are not required to listen to it.

    I don’t know what you do, but it obviously isn’t anything in the entertainment business or you would have known this, so please keep your editorializing to your own spheres of experience.

    In closing, you are made of farts. Good day.

    Sorry everyone else! This kind of shit really gets under my skin.

  30. Ignore last comment. It was being typed up as Aaron was posting his reply.

    *damn work brain*

  31. @Aaron – Also, whenever the Nerdist site posts anything relating to Legendary Pictures, they always make it 100% clear they are editorially independent, they run as a separate company, and they can do whatever they want. The reason that it didn’t happen this time was because the film was produced by New Line, is being released by Warner Bros., and has no real connection to Legendary and Nerdist on it’s own, outside of the WB ownership.

  32. Aaron says:

    @Justin Hoskie

    I really have no problem with Nerdist leveraging their new partnership with Legendary (Warner) at all. I just wish there was a little more transparency about when it’s coming into play.

    I don’t claim it is some vast evil corporate conspiracy at all. It is what it is and them having to crank out 3 episodes a week definitely must be stressful. However, though it’s “free” it’s not free. It’s a vehicle for promoting other things like stand-up and Nerdist live appearances, Youtube channel hits, the BBC show, Chris’ book, among many other things (which I have monetarily supported).

    As for Chris not thinking anything of it, I bet it’s the opposite. Being such a well-intentioned over-thinker who doesn’t like making people mad, I feel like he doesn’t broach the topic for fear of the scenario you just painted.

    Anyway, it’s not that big of a deal. Just food for thought.

  33. @Aaron- Here’s how I imagine you think the conversation took place:

    CHRIS: Legendary, let’s start promoting WB films and manipulating my listeners in a bid to conquer the world!
    LEGENDARY: Hehehehe.
    CHRIS: Hehehehe.
    [Both start laughing maniacally.]

    Here’s how I think the conversation would actually take place, if one did:
    LEGENDARY: Chris, WB wants you to do an episode with the director and cast of The Conjuring. Is that okay?
    CHRIS: SURE! *hangs up, frolics in a field of puppies, and lives life*

    Here’s what I think actually took place:
    *may have been dramatized


    JAMES WAN: Hey, I have a movie coming out. Can I promote it on the podcast?
    BOOKERS: Yeah, sure.

    I understand your worry, but I seriously doubt there’s a grand conspiracy to manipulate the Nerdist listeners. Remember, the podcast pumps out three episodes a week. Those episodes needs guests. If you listen to the Celebrity Turnstile episode, the trio talk momentarily about the pressure of making sure there are enough quests. Those guests usually come on to promote things.

    Also, if you don’t like it when they center an episode of this FREE podcast, that you get FOR FREE, around an upcoming film, then here’s a grand idea. Just don’t listen to or download the episode.

    Actually, if you don’t like something about a podcast, just don’t listen to it in general. I love Chelsea Peretti, but I don’t listen to Call Chelsea Peretti because there’s something about it I don’t like. When I first listened to it, did I go on her site or to Twitter and complain and tell her to fix hit? No. Did I keep listening anyway? No. I just thought “Okay,” took it off my iPod, and never listened to the podcast again.

    So, in conclusion, when the show starts feeling heavily scripted, that’s when we should worry.

  34. Jon says:

    Good podcast. Just seemed like a lot of talking over each other at times. 6 people talking at once is kinda heavy. All three are really interesting but would have loved for each one to get their own episode.

  35. Wildride says:

    Matt doesn’t look like Matt on screen. That’s why we usually just tape a bunch of cats to Jonah, I mean, that’s not what we use to represent Matt on film, but seriously, who wouldn’t want to just tape cats to Jonah.

  36. Aaron says:

    Ryan on July 17, 2013 at 4:44 pm said:
    I like that movies are sponsoring you now, just not a huge fan of having podcasts revolve around them.

    This isn’t even a “sponsor.” It’s a movie produced by Warner Bros, which owns Legendary, which owns Nerdist.

    It’s one thing to have business interests on the podcast for promotional reasons. It’s another not to be transparent about it. That’s manipulative and insulting to the intelligence of listeners.

  37. Wildride says:

    Oh, and since it came up:

    Baboon Monsoon!

  38. Wildride says:

    “Can I put this up on So Me?”
    “You can put it up on Fa So La Ti Do for all I care.”

  39. Ryan says:

    I like that movies are sponsoring you now, just not a huge fan of having podcasts revolve around them.